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NLP Practitioner Course ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Become a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

What you will learn

Mindset Transformation

Understanding Your Mind

NLP Fundamentals

Overcoming Self-Talk

Representational Systems

Filters and Perceptions

Personal Transformation

Behavioral Modeling

NLP Anchors

Behavior Transformation

Be an Accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Overcoming Procrastination

Help people overcome fear & phobias


1. Understand Your Mind:

  • Explore beliefs, habits, and thought patterns.
  • Learn how memory works and identify flawed thinking.

2. Transform Negative Self-Talk:

  • Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to shift negative conditioning.
  • Discover similarities and differences between CBT and NLP.

3. Harness Your Mind’s Power:

  • Learn about visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic systems (VAK).
  • Use the “screen of the mind” technique for positive visualization.

4. Master Your Perception:

  • Understand filters, perceptions, and how they shape information.
  • Focus on NLP Meta Programs and the Logical Levels Pyramid.

5. Rewrite Your Story:

  • Create NLP timelines for personal growth.
  • Set SMART goals and change your personal history.

6. Build Strong Connections:

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  • Explore the art of building rapport and mutual acceptance.
  • Develop empathetic listening skills and storytelling techniques.

7. Model Success:

  • Learn how to model successful people’s behavior.
  • Achieve your dreams in areas like weight loss and personal success.

8. Control Your Emotions:

  • Discover NLP Anchors and the 5-step process to use them.
  • Harness the power of post-hypnotic suggestions.

9. Transform Behavior:

  • Use the New Behavior Generator for mindset shifts.
  • Excel with the Circle of Excellence for personal and professional growth.

10. Empower Others as a Coach: – Gain the skills to use NLP to help others as a coach. – Equip yourself to guide individuals toward their goals and transformations.

Join us in this transformative NLP Practitioner Course and take control of your life today! Plus, empower others as a skilled NLP coach.




Introduction to NLP
NLP NOTES & eBooks
What is Neuro Linguistic Programming
History & background of NLP

NLP Foundational skills

Presuppositions of NLP
NLP Techniques
Effective Communication
Building Rapport
Modelling success
Outcomes in NLP
Representational Systems
Submodalities and Anchoring in NLP
Anchoring Meditation (how to use anchors)

Ethics & training


Self -Help for NLP Practitioner & Self-Hypnosis

Open Heart Meditation
How to do self hypnosis & auto suggestion
Building Confidence in Yourself
Congratulation and the next step
Mentorship Program Opportunity
Relaxation Hypnosis
Hypno Love Vibe