Make Hybrid Meetings Work for Everyone

What you will learn

Learn about the key elements which make a good hybrid meeting

Explore some of the challenges and difficulties that come with the delivery of hybrid meetings

Find out about some of the strategies and tools to help you support and facilitate successful hybrid meetings

Reflect on the actions you can take in your context to improve hybrid meeting delivery

Consider the factors that make Work Places and Local Communities Work


Allowing staff to combine working in the office and working remotely has brought a lot of flexibility into our lives. But it has also added complexity to the way we work and communicate with each other. Make sure you’re ready to go for hybrid meetings in your organisation with this 1-hour course.

In this course we will look at some of the key considerations of hybrid meetings and why they are an important part of our workplace capabilities now and in the future. We will explore some of the common challenges that we might face when participating in and facilitating blended/hybrid meetings and we will offer some tried and tested tools, strategies and approaches to support you in delivering your own successful hybrid meetings.

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This course aims to…

  • Highlight some of the specific challenges of conducting good hybrid meetings
  • Introduce strategies and tools for delivering successful hybrid meetings
  • Provide an opportunity for you to reflect on the actions you can take in your context to improve hybrid meeting delivery

We are passionate about the changes that are coming about due to the changing nature of how we work. The technical challenges of running blended environments well, will mean that humans will have to think, prepare, and collaborate more to make blended meetings effective for all participants, whether they are in a room with colleagues or joining in remotely. This is all an opportunity. It is inevitable. We expect the reality will be that over the next couple of years the change in culture will be bumpy. We want to make that smoother. We want equality and parity of esteem. We want to live and work within the resources of 1 planet. We want that now… and meantime this shift is part of that jigsaw.




How to use this course

Why hybrid meetings?

What are hybrid meetings?
Why hybrid meetings and why are they a blend?
The advantages of hybrid meetings

The challenges of hybrid meetings

What makes hybrid meetings so complex?
What are your frustrations with hybrid meetings?
What are your frustrations with hybrid meetings?

Making PlacesWork

What is PlacesWork all about.
What is PlacesWork about?

Experiencing hybrid meetings

Features of hybrid meetings
Making participation possible to all.
Making a meeting visible
Choosing easy shared documentation
Having a second colleague hosting the meeting from remote perspective.
Using multiple camera angles so that everyone is visible
Facilitating both those in the room and those remote at same time.
Treating humans as full bodied people.
Thinking about the camera angles as to what is being communicated.
Thinking about the principles in action.

Top principles of hybrid meetings

An overview of the top principles of hybrid meetings
Getting the principles right
Recognising engagement
Allocate responsibilities
Embed positive culture
Selecting technology and tools
Review and adapt
Reflecting on your learning
Challenges of hybrid meetings – review

Next steps…

Congratulations! Here’s what’s next…
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Bonus lecture