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Unlock Menopause: Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Strength Training Strategies for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors

What you will learn

Understand Menopause and the complexities surrounding menopause and unexplained weight gain

Deepen your knowledge of how hormonal fluctuations impact metabolism and weight management

Gain insight into the impact of exercise on hormonal, physiological, and psychological changes during menopause

Learn strategies to effectively manage and overcome this challenging aspect of women’s health.


This comprehensive course is not only designed for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors, but also for women who find themselves struggling with weight gain during the peri- and menopausal stages of their lives, regardless of their efforts in the gym or previous diet attempts.

In this course, we address the specific challenges faced by menopausal women and provide you with the knowledge and tools to effectively guide your clients through this transformative phase.

While personal trainers learn the essentials of programming and coaching nutrition, the unique field of menopause is often overlooked, leaving trainers ill-equipped to support menopausal women effectively. This course fills this gap by diving deeper into the intricacies of menopause, providing specialized principles that go beyond standard certification courses.

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Gain a deep understanding of the hormonal changes occurring during menopause, the complex relationship between diverse foods and hormonal responses, and the significant role of exercise in managing hormonal, physiological, and psychological changes throughout this transition. Discover effective strategies that you can immediately implement to help your clients achieve their goals.

Empower yourself as a fitness professional to navigate this specific field with confidence and expertise. By completing this course, you will be well equipped with the necessary tools to help menopausal women overcome weight loss challenges and achieve lasting success.






Menopause: Guide for Fitness Professionals

Understanding Menopause and common symptoms

What is Peri, Meno, and Post-Menopause ?
What is Menopause and Common Symptoms

Metabolism and Weightmanagement

Basal Metabolic Rate vs. total Metabolism
How to calculate estimate Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Hormones and their Impact on Weight Management

The Impact of Hormones
Role of Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone
Role and Impact of Cortisol
The Role of Thyroid
Insulin and Glucagon
Insulin resistance
Ghrelin and Leptin

The “Calorie-in, Calorie-out-Strategy”

Example why it is NOT all about calorie in-out
2 common mistakes if a plateau is reached
Not loosing weight despite of a calorie deficit
Additional factors that can sabotage weight loss effort

Hormonal Response to diverse foods

Hormonal Response to diverse foods

Exercise and its role in Hormonal, Physiological and Psychological changes

Sarcopenia, bone health, mental well beein and urinary incontinence

Difference between weight loss, fat loss and fat burning

Fat mobilization, Fat oxidation, Fat utilization

When is someone considered “overweight?”

BMI and Waist to Hip Ratio, Bioelectrical impedance analysis and Dexa Scan

Exercise Prescription according to a woman’s hormonal cycle

When, what kind of exercise and how intense
Hormonal profile and Exercise recommendation

Consideration on Time-restricted eating and Menopause

Intermitted fasting and Menopause

Step by Step strategy

5 Steps to help with the weight loss efforts

Let’s wrap it up!

Summary and additional info on intermitted fast for menopausal women