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Spark Joy, Peace, and Creativity in Your Daily Life- Even with a Few Minutes

What you will learn

How to meditate deeply in a way that positively transforms your mind, spirit, and body.

How to dissolve away mental stress, clutter, and confusion.

How to breath meditatively and amplify your breath to sink deeper into relaxation.

How to sit and stand in meditation to support a deep, enjoyable meditative experience.

How to navigate challenging, uncomfortable emotions and thoughts that arise during your meditation.

How to maintain a consistent meditation practice and routine.

How to remove common blocks in meditation.

How to sink into deep restoring meditation with only a few minutes.

How to extend your meditation into your daily life and live with mindfulness.

The science-backed benefits of meditation.


There’s no doubt that meditation is one of the most important practices you can do for your personal development. From reducing stress to enhancing creativity, from delaying aging to cultivating joy, scientific studies are showing how meditation positively benefits what seems like every facet of life.

However, the traditional way it’s taught can make it feel boring and heavy like a chore, and who has time for that? This approach sadly causes many people to miss out on the beautiful benefits of meditation.

This class shows how meditation can be enjoyable, simple, and easily enfolded into your day, yet still bring all the benefits and cultivate personal growth. It covers everything that a beginner needs to meditate deeply, from foundational meditation postures to powerful meditation amplifiers that open the inner doors to peace, joy, and clarity.

This class brings together the best meditation practices from Dandan’s decade-long practice of meditation, which has taken her to live in contemplative monasteries for several years. Designed to meet you where you are, all lessons are straight-to-the-point and applicable. A guided meditation library with 10 of Dandan’s most loved guided meditations is also included to further support your meditation journey.


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  • The 9 major myths of meditation that prevent people from enjoying meditation.
  • The 4 foundational elements of meditation.
  • Meditation postures to support relaxation and stability, including postures for those who have back problems or other physical limitations.
  • How to approach breathing to deepen your meditation experience.
  • How to approach unpleasant feelings or thoughts that arise during your meditation.
  • How to transform any act into a mindful, recentering experience, including when you’re washing the dishes.
  • Meditation anchoring techniques to settle down your mind when it’s all over the place.
  • Science-backed benefits of meditation.
  • How to maintain a daily meditation routine that’ll bring beauty into your life and help you grow as a human being.


  • Melt Away Your Stress 10 Minute Meditation
  • Diving Deep 25 Minute Meditation
  • Healing Body Gratitude Meditation
  • Restoring Nature Meditation
  • Grounding Tree Standing Meditation
  • Nourishing Meal Meditation
  • Joyful Sunrise Meditation
  • Therapeutic Dishwashing meditation
  • Freeing Expansion Meditation
  • Clarifying Uncertainty Meditation
  • Soothing Heartbreak Meditation
  • Unconditional Listening Meditation


  • Anyone who wants to learn meditation and cultivate this powerful recentering practice in their daily life.
  • Anyone who wants to bring peace, joy, and clarity into their day with only a few minutes.
  • Anyone who feels lost, sluggish, or stuck.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to enfold meditation in to their daily, messy life.

No prerequisites are necessary.



Course Introduction
Course Introduction and Welcome
Class Project
Meditation Foundation
Myths & Foundational Elements of Meditation
Posture for Stability and Relaxation
Sitting on a Chair for Meditation
Meditative Breathing
Breathing Amplifier: Dan Tien
Breathing Practice: 3 Breath Reset
Approaching Uncomfortable Emotions or Thoughts
Powerful Meditation Anchors for a Restless Mind
Foundational Meditations
Intro to Meditations
Melt Away Stress 10 Min Guided Meditation
Kinhin: Walking Meditation
Meditation in Daily Life
Extending Meditation to Daily Messy Life
Dishwashing Meditation
Benefits of Meditation
Keeping Up A Meditation Routine
Course-Wrap Up
Course-Wrap Up and Parting Thoughts
Course Resources
Further Exploration Guide
Guided Meditation Library
Diving Deeper: 25 Min Guided Meditation
Nourishing Meal Meditation
Healing Body Gratitude Meditation
Grounding Tree Standing Meditation
Soothing Heartbreak Meditation
Recentering Uncertainty Meditation
Freeing Expansion Meditation
Restoring Nature Meditation
Magical Sunrise Meditation
Clarifying Deep Listening Meditation