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Company Valuation, Compliance Management, Forecasting Financials, Financial Statement Analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions

What you will learn

Understand the significance of company valuation and its applications in decision-making.

Identify and differentiate between various company valuation methods, including market, income, and asset-based approaches.

Analyze financial statements proficiently to extract relevant data for valuation purposes.

Apply ratio analysis techniques to assess a company’s financial health and performance.

Develop realistic financial projections using time series analysis, regression, and scenario analysis techniques.

Execute Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis to estimate the intrinsic value of a company.

Conduct Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) and Comparable Transaction Analysis (CTA) to benchmark and assess a company’s value relative to its peers.

Utilize income-based valuation methods such as capitalization of earnings and discounted future earnings to determine a company’s worth.

Navigate regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements governing company valuation, including IFRS and GAAP standards.

Evaluate the role of valuation in M&A transactions, employ valuation techniques specific to M&A, and ensure due diligence & compliance in M&A valuation process



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Mastering Company Valuation and Compliance Management – Lectures

Introduction to Company Valuation
Financial Statement Analysis
Forecasting Financials
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
Market Approach Valuation
Income Approach Valuation
Compliance Management in Valuation
Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)