Master python by learning concepts , doing programs and making wonderful python projects including apps and games

What you will learn

Advance python skills

Writing out programs in an easy way using classes and objects

Learn about how you can make directories in python

Learn about the threads in python programming

Learn about threading module in python

Get hands-on writing the python programs

Practice all the advance topics by writing programs

Learn how to work with json files and API’s with the help of a project


Why learn Python

According to recent surveys, Python is one the most popular programming languages in the world. It is used by tech giants like Google, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook and many more.

Knowledge of Python is an important prerequisite for working in emerging fields such as Data science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Python programmers are paid high salaries in the software industry and there is an ever increasing demand for Python professionals in the industry.

The reason for Python’s popularity is that it is powerful, yet very simple. If you have never programmed before then Python is the best language to start your journey of programming. The code written in Python is shorter than equivalent code written in other languages. Developers love this language and this increases the speed of development which is one of the main reasons why companies prefer Python.

Why take this course

This Master in advance python course is an efficient and detailed course that teaches you Python in depth without wasting much time. The content of the course is very concise, to the point and straightforward.

You will get the opportunity to practice Python programming concepts. The basics of python programming language is required for completely understanding this course.

You can clear your doubts in the question and answer forum inside the course.

This Master in advance python course explains the Python features in step-wise manner. All the topics have been explained with Python programs in simple way. You will also see the demonstration of source code implementation for each topic with good examples and programs. This course will build Python programming/scripting skills of developers who have basic understanding of programming.  You will be able to understand and implement all the Python programming techniques and apply in Python projects/code. This tutorial will also help you to present yourself well for Python coding interview questions.

Course will be updated by adding new topics in detail to have good understanding of Python programming features to build the technical strength and shape your career.

This Master in advance python online course on udemy will be great help to developers to have good Python programming skills and work on Python projects. Also it will be a good complement to any book/tutorial.

Topics covered in this course : 

  1. Introduction to Object oriented programming
  2. Class variables
  3. Self and init constructors
  4. Inheritance
  5. Methods and variables
  6. Setter and getter
  7. Generators
  8. Encapsulation
  9. Polymorphism
  10. Duck typing
  11. Modules
  12. Threads
  13. Directories
  14. Python projects

This is are the module names which I have listed and some important topics. Many of these have sub modules even to cover out.

See you in the course !!.





Introduction to Object oriented programming

class variables

Self and init (constructors)


Single inheritance

Multiple inheritance

Multilevel inheritance

methods and variables

public, private and protected variables

Class methods

Static methods

Abstract method

method overloading and overriding

super function

Setter and getter methods


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Typings in python

Duck typing

Map reduce and filter functions

Modules in python

Time module

Main function


Threads in python

Threads and Threading schedule

Create a thread using classes and objects

Create threads usimg function

Create threads using functions, classes and objects

Create threads using functions and main function

Multithreading using threads Part 01

Multithreading using threads Part 02

Thread synchronization

Thread synchronization using lock

Thread synchronization using Rlock

Thread using queue

Semaphore in threads

Bounded Semaphore in threads

Inter thread communication using event method

Inter thread communication using condition method

Inter thread communication using queue method

Daemon and non-daemon threads

Example of how daemon threads behave over non daemon threads

Three methods for setting daemon threads

pickling in python

unpickling in python

pickling exceptions, pros and cons

Directory in python

mkdir() method

os.makedirs() method

mode in the directory

Python Projects

Weather app