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Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Organizational Ethics, Corporate Ethics, Company culture, Business culture, CSR

What you will learn

Understand the fundamental concepts of business ethics and its historical evolution.

Apply ethical frameworks and theories to analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas in business contexts.

Evaluate the impact of ethical decision-making on organizational stakeholders.

Develop and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies aligned with organizational values.

Demonstrate leadership qualities conducive to fostering an ethical organizational culture.

Identify and address ethical challenges inherent in leadership roles within organizations.

Analyze ethical issues in marketing, finance, accounting, and supply chain management.

Develop strategies to promote ethical behavior and integrity within organizational contexts.

Critically evaluate the ethical implications of business decisions and practices.

Apply ethical principles to contribute to the development of socially responsible and sustainable business practices.



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Master Course in Business Ethics 2.0 – Lectures

Introduction to Business Ethics
Ethical Decision Making in Business
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Ethical Leadership and Organizational Culture
Ethical Issues in Specific Business Contexts
Business Etiquette Vs Business Ethics