For Better Work, Play, Love, Life.

What you will learn

– Participants will leave the program with a Tool Kit of surprisingly simple brain fitness strategies.

– Data shows strength of these strategies for personal and professional advantage.

– This program is quick, compact, and fun for sustainable learning.

– Program is designed to help participants become significantly more focused, creative, and productive in a happier, healthier way.



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Managing Your MIND News

Managing Your MIND News


Module 1: Welcome to Managing Your MIND
Module 2: Introduction to Practice and Impact

Section 2: Instructional Sessions

Module 3: How The Mind Works
Module 4: Where The Bliss Is
Module 5: Mind Mastery
Module 6: The Breathing Room
Module 7: The Movie Room
Module 8: The Judgment Room

Wrap Up: Where to From Here?

Module 9: Where To From Here