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Professional Certificate of Secretary by MTF Institute

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Introduction to role


Job Search


Generative AI GPT usage

Frames of Work


Welcome to course Professional Certificate of Secretary by MTF Institute

Video lessons of that course based on Executive Assistant course, but you will find additional articles related to Secretary work

Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance

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Role of a Secretary

The role of a secretary is highly focused on providing administrative and organizational support to individuals or teams in a company or organization. Key duties include:

  • Communication: Answering phone calls, managing emails, drafting letters and reports, and acting as a liaison between executives, staff, and clients.
  • Organization: Managing calendars, scheduling meetings and appointments, maintaining filing systems (both physical and digital), creating presentations.
  • Minute Taking: Attending meetings, taking detailed and accurate minutes, circulating minutes to relevant parties.
  • Office Management: Ordering and maintaining office supplies, liaising with building maintenance for any office needs.
  • Project Support: Assisting with research, travel arrangements, expense reports, and other project-related tasks as needed.

Main Functionality of a Secretary

The core functionality of a secretary is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of an office or workplace. They handle the details that keep things organized, freeing up their executives/teams to focus on higher-level tasks.

How Secretarial Skills Support Career Building

Secretarial skills offer several ways to build a successful career:

  • Transferrable Skills: The organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills honed in a secretarial role transfer readily to many other positions across industries.
  • Stepping Stone: Secretarial positions offer an excellent entry point into organizations. It’s a great way to gain deep company knowledge, making you a valuable candidate for internal promotions.
  • Administrative Advancement: With experience, some secretaries move into more specialized and higher-paying administrative roles like executive assistants, office managers, or project coordinators.
  • People Skills: Secretarial roles involve significant interaction with various people. This interaction enhances your interpersonal communication, diplomacy, and networking abilities, crucial for various career paths.
  • Adaptability: Developing secretarial skills teaches you to quickly adapt to different challenges and changing priorities – an invaluable asset in a fast-paced work environment.



Welcome to MTF
Onboarding to learning process

Basic Skills

Basic Skills, Email Management, Priority Matrix
Business Communications
Business Communications part 2
Calendar Management, Event Coordination, Meeting Scheduling
Time Management, Prioritization
Business Relationships and Soft Skills
Examples of writing
Job Search

Secretary work

The Secretary Role
Building a Successful Career as a Secretary
Job Search
Job Search
Virtual Assistance
Generative AI GPT usage
Generative AI and Chat GPT usage
Examples of prompts for business, marketing, management
Frames of Work
Lean Management in Office Administration

Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions

Interactive Part
Congratulations with course finishing
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