Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript And Phaser!

What you will learn

Know the fundamentals of JavaScript

Know the basics of using Github

Create games with Phaser



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Keyboard Shortcuts
Already know JavaScript?

JavaScript Fundamentals

Hello World
Math Operators
Comparison Operators
Booleans, Strings, And Numbers
Arrays And Objects
If And Else Statements
While And For Loops
For Each And For In Loops
Functions, Methods, And Scope

More Advanced JavaScript

Developer Tools
Regular Expressions
Map, Reduce, And Filter
Turnary Operators, Prototype, And More JS Tricks

Phaser Prep

PhaserDemo Github Repository
Phaser Boilerplate Code
Setting Up A Github Repository
How Phaser Works
Add State 0 through 9
Switching Between Each State
Pushing to you Github Repository
Scale Manager
Piskel And SketchPad


State 0: Add Sprites And Keyboard Input
State 0: Add Background And Camera Movement
State 0: Add Sprite Sheet Animation
Tiled Update
State 1: Create Tiled Tile Map
State 1: Add Tile Map To Game
State 1: Collide With Tile Map
State 2: Shoot Bullets
State 2: Kill Enemies With Bullets
State 3: Buttons
State 4: Tweens
State 5: Gravity And Acceleration
State 6: Time Events And Particles
State 7: Touch Screen Swipes
State 8: Text
State 8: Google Fonts
State 9: Firebase
State 9: Simulate Scores
State 9: Firebase Update