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Learn how to create a top-quality online course and make it profitable with YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

What you will learn

Create a top-quality online course

Business concepts like the Product-Market Fit

Publish an online course on Udemy, Teachable or Clickfunnels

Monetize an online course

Build and grow an online education business

Do powerful marketing for an online education business

Facebook Marketing (Facebook Ads)

Instagram Marketing (Instagram Ads)

YouTube Marketing (YouTube Ads)

LinkedIn Marketing (LinkedIn Ads, InMails, Message Ads)

Google Ads

Email Marketing (Cold Emails)


This course will teach you how to create and market a top-quality course, as well as build a successful online education business.

It is an action-based course, meaning that in each lecture I will ask you to take action on something specific, so that all the actions you take in the different videos will lead you eventually to create an awesome online course.

This course is structured in two parts:

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  1. Part 1 – Create your course
  2. Part 2 – Market your course

In Part 1 – Create your course, you will take all the required actions and learn all the tips, tricks and techniques on how to create your course. This includes:

  • Make the list of the topics you can teach and/or are passionate about.
  • Find the topic that has the best product-market fit.
  • Get the best recording material according to your budget.
  • Make a great structure of your course.
  • Prepare your content.
  • Tutorial editing demo (Camtasia).
  • Make an epic Promo Video.
  • Publish your course (on Udemy, Teachable, or Clickfunnels).

In Part 2 – Market your course, you will learn many different techniques and tips on how to market your course. This includes:

  • Facebook Marketing (Facebook Ads)
  • YouTube Marketing (YouTube Ads)
  • Instagram Marketing (Instagram Ads)
  • LinkedIn Marketing (LinkedIn Ads, InMails, Message Ads)
  • Google Marketing (Google Ads)
  • Email Marketing (Cold Emails)

Now you just have one thing to do. Start the course and follow the steps. If you work hard and consistently you will get some great results in the end. Enjoy the process!




Welcome to the course and Congrats for taking your first action!

Part 1 – Create your course

Action 1: Make the list of all the topics you can teach + Product-Market Fit
Action 2: Identify among your list of topics the ones with the highest demand
Action 2 Hands-On: Google Trends + Google Ads + Udemy Search
Action 3 Hands-On: What if none of your topics has a great product-market fit?
Action 3: Get the right material for your course creation
Action 3: Links to the material
Action 4: Create an awesome structure for your course
Action 4 Hands-On: Illustrating a great course structure
Action 5: Prepare the content of your course
Action 5 Hands-On: Illustrating a good content preparation
Action 6: Find your own best teaching style
Action 6 Hands-On: Get inspired by different teaching styles, then find your own
FOR CAMTASIA USERS: A Tutorial on Camtasia
Action 7: Record your course!
Action 7 – Tip 1: Start recording your course from the middle
Action 7 – Tip 2: Only record when you are in a good state
Action 7 – Tip 3: Make your course interactive
Action 7 – Tip 4: Record videos in a nice environment (Optional)
Action 7 – Tip 5: Maximize the students consumption of your course
Action 8 – Tip 6: Record videos of maximum 10 minutes
Action 9: Make an awesome Promo Video
Action 9 Hands-On: Illustrating great promo videos of best-selling courses
Action 10: Publish your course! Option 1: On Udemy – Part 1
Action 10: Publish your course! Option 1: On Udemy – Part 2
Action 10: Publish your course! Option 2: On ClickFunnels
Action 10: Publish your course! Option 3: On Teachable
Congrats for having completed all the actions of Part 1!

Part 2 – Market your course

Welcome to Part 2 – Market your course!
Create your YouTube and Telegram channels vs. Spending on Digital Ads
Next Action: Choose your Path

Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Ads
Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages Hands-On
Facebook Live
Facebook Groups
Facebook Traffic Basics
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Pixels
Creating a Facebook Ad in 10 Essential Steps
Make an Awesome Headline for your Ad
Write a Great Ad Caption
Make a Top-Quality Script for your Ad Video
Budget and Audience Targeting
Advanced Facebook Ads Targeting
Analyze your Data

YouTube Marketing

Why YouTube Marketing?
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Upload Your YouTube Video The Correct Way
Get a High Ranking
Write Your Video Description To Engage Your Target Audience
Use Video Tags
Get More Views, More Clicks, More Engagement
Turn Your Video Views Into Sales
YouTube Video Creation
Pick the Right Keywords
Write a Great Content Video Script
Get the Right Equipment for YouTube Video Creation
Make Powerful Calls To Action
YouTube Video Placement

Instagram Marketing

Post an Instagram Ad in 10 Steps
Promote an Instagram Post in 10 Steps
The Why, the How, and the What of Instagram Posts
Instagram Collaborations
Instagram Stories

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Benefits
LinkedIn Articles
LinkedIn Articles Hands-On
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Text Ads
LinkedIn Message Ads (or InMail Ads)
Build Your Own LinkedIn Low Cost List

Google Ads

Position Yourself on the First Page of Google in 5 Steps
Google Ads Hands-On
6 Essential Tips for Google Ads

Cold Email Marketing

DOs and DON’Ts
The 5 Best Types of Cold Emails