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The First Steps in Crypto

What you will learn

Details of Blockchain

Details of Bitcoin

About decentralized autonomous organization

About Crypto


This course is easy to understand and is designed in explanatory video format to convey basic information about Cryptocurrencies in a way that makes everything clear and simple. You will receive detailed explanations with examples. The course begins by defining blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the most widely used terms in the industry, and ends with the introduction of the Metamask wallet and the presentation of the most important sources of information.

Stop thinking, enroll up today and learn the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies from A to Z!

Join this course to quickly build working knowledge on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts with the help of a globally leading expert on blockchain and financial technology. Almost every industry can profit from the use of blockchain, including finance, IT, technology, payments, supply chain, government, health care, and energy.

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This course is the basic building block of a suite of blockchain and fintech courses by Igor Pejic. It perfectly prepares you for other modules such as the masterclasses on blockchain for finance or business.

Please note that the course does not teach you how to code, nor does it offer specific cryptocurrency investment advice. However, Blockchain Fundamentals is still a valuable asset to both investors and programmers. Obtaining a sober and analytic introduction to key concepts of blockchain is the decisive step to succeed in investing and solution-building.




How blockchain will change the world
Introducation of Bitcoin ,Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
Why cryptocurrencies are the next logical step in monetary evolution?
How Bitcoin was born
Major historic milestones preceding Bitcoin, creation
Understanding the idea behind Bitcoin
How a coin born, how blocks work
The advantages of a decentralized payment system
Bitcoin’s five forces
Blockchain – a distributed ledger
Cryptography – the technique used to secure Bitcoin
Consensus mechanism – Digital signatures
Consensus mechanism – Mining and Proof-of-Work
Consensus mechanism – Game Theory
Consensus mechanism – What happens if miners misbehave?
Consensus mechanism – an important detail about consensus attacks
P2P network
Software code base
Software code base – the Script programming language
Alternative use cases of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Final Remarks
Introduction to Ethereum
The Ethereum Virtual Machine
Ethereum – a global platform for decentralized applications
Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations – a look into the future
Ethereum – key take-aways
Crypto Exchange
What is DAO
Advantages of investing in bitcoin
Blockchain and the Financial Sector – Presentation
Future of Blockchain – Presentation
Industrial Application of Blockchain – Presentation
The Ethereum Virtual Machine – Presentation