How to bring more curiosity, openness, compassion, awareness, gratitude, acceptance and non-judgment to your life.

What you will learn

To understand how to get the most out of a mindfulness practice

To understand how to sit during a mindfulness practice

To understand the basics of meditation

To understand what mindfulness IS and IS NOT

To understand how to breathe mindfully


In a fast-paced world filled with distractions and demands, finding moments of stillness and clarity can seem like an elusive dream.

Join intentional living and mindfulness coach Billy Lahr as he guides you towards living life with more curiosity, openness, compassion, awareness, gratitude, acceptance, and non-judgment.

This introductory mindfulness course is designed to help you embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace, self-awareness, and enhanced well-being.

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your full attention to the present moment without judgment. This course provides a welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds to explore and develop mindfulness techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life.

In this course, you will learn:

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*How cultivating a mindfulness practice has scientifically-proven benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health.

*How to sit during a guided practice while also feeling relaxed, alert, and comfortable (chairs and lying down are just fine!).

*Practical exercises and meditation techniques to develop your ability to stay present, reduce stress, and enhance focus.

*How mindfulness can help you navigate and respond to emotions more skillfully, leading to improved relationships and self-compassion.

*Guided practices that will help you navigate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with more awareness and self-regulation.



How to Get the Most Out of This Course

How to Get the Most Out of This Course
How to Sit During Meditation
Guided Meditation for Beginners

Mindfulness Explained

Mindfulness Explained
Guided Meditation: Mindful Breathing