Methods for Finding Relief

What you will learn

Know how to diagnose PTSD and Acute Stress, what risk factors are relevant, as well as the best psychotherapy methods for recovery from real events.


Master the four primary symptoms of PTSD and Acute stress disorders, risk factors associated with them, the range of good treatments available for reducing nightmares, daydreams, avoidance, numbing and on-going tension. Demonstrations of successful therapy methods are shown as well as explanations of exposure treatments and psychotropic drug therapy. In addition, a review of key concepts and answers is available to test your memory.

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Promising PTSD Therapy
EMDR Red Feather Demonstration
Lecture 3: Diagnosing types of Stress
Lecture 4: Risk Factors for Stress
Lecture 5: Treating Stress Disorders
Lecture 6: Treatment Goals
Lecture 7: Stress Exercise
EMDR Exercise
Key Concepts about PTSD and Acute Stress
Lecture 10: Conclusion and Congrats