For healthcare workers, emergency responders & carers who want tips to help avoid burnout & compassion fatigue

What you will learn

Discover how to actually calm your stress response down

Have practical tools to feel calmer & more in control of your emotional reactions

Understand how you can build your emotional resilience & why it matters

Spot your warning signs and learn what you need to take care of yourself and avoid burnout


Managing your stress and building your emotional resilience are key to staying in this vocation that you love, so that you can do your work and still have energy for the other areas of your life. This course shares practical tips to help you avoid burnout and compassion fatigue, using insights from coaching, neuroscience and your instructor’s own experiences.

Often people in the healthcare, emergency response and care sectors find themselves trying to give from an empty cup emotionally; when you invest a little time and energy in building your emotional resilience you will find that you can care and give from a place of strength and personal wellbeing.

This isn’t a technical course about how to do your job – this is an impactful personal course about how you can look after YOU better!

β€˜Learn tips to manage stress & build emotional resilience’ covers the following topics:

1. Introduction

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2. How Stress Shows up for You – Spot Your Early Warning Signs

3. How to Calm Your Stress Response Down

4. Practical Tips and Tools to Feel Calmer & More In Control

5. Building Your Emotional Resilience

As well as being a professional coach, I am someone who has made multiple international moves, experienced 3 major relationship break-ups, an early bereavement, several different careers and many other changes and challenges, so I have become very resilient; this is because I’ve not just experienced these things, I’ve healed from them. I’ve integrated the growth that came from them. I love sharing insights from my coaching practice and neuroscience geekdom to help you along your own journey of healing and growth as well. This is such sacred work, I’m honoured to be a small part of your journey. Thank you!




How stress shows up – spot your early warning signs
How to Calm your stress response down
Practical tips and tools to feel calm and more in control
Building Your Emotional Resilience
Additional Resources