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Fast track to using Microsoft PowerPoint

What You Will Learn

Present information in Multimedia foumart

Manage and creatively combine multimedia in iformation presentation

Capture the desired media for presentation

Design presentations that appeal to the audience


  • Basic knowledge of typing and formatting documents



Introduction of the instructor and Microsoft PowerPoint the instructor

About Microsoft PowerPoint

A brief history of Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint Environment

The key to an effective product is the knowledge of your workspace. Students are introduced to the PowerPoint workspace which will help them to identify the working tools and where to locate them.

Manage Slide

The document area of PowerPoint is the slide which indirectly means that if there is no slide there is no PowerPoint. In this section, students learn to create and manage slides.

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Key in information to the slide

The Slide accepts virtually all the media. Users need certain levels of skill to manage the media they placed on a slide the section builds such skills in students.

Design slide

Information has to somehow appeal in order to attract the attention of the consumer this section exposes students to the available tools they can use to style and design the slide.


Transition is about how a slide enters the stage. There a lot of visual effects and jingles that herald the arrival of a slide on the stage all these are discussed in this stage


Animation is about injecting life into inanimate objects. This section introduces students to how to make objects move in the way they designed them to move or dance.

Multimedia manipulations

Students will learn how to capture, edit, and manage audio-visual information.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody with the need to present information to a group or the public. incidentally virtually everybody has this need