One Acronym To Rule Them All , By All I Mean Major & Minor Scales.

What you will learn

Why Is Major & Minor Scale Different

Know The Whole 12 Notes Major & Minor Scale

Know The Relationship Between Major And Minor

Using Only One Acronym You Will Know & Be Able To Memorize Every Scale Guaranteed


With this course you will learn basic difference between major and minor scale and why they sound different , you will know the formula behind them & most importantly you will know using one acronym how to instantly remember any note major or minor scale. you will be able to immediately know how many sharps or flats a scale has , and how to play it and check your improvisation , knowing more scales will help you have more materials and convey different moods , this method needs time from 1 to 3 weeks to be totally fluent using it ,it has it cons but it is better than learning every individual scale or using the rule of fifths which can be time consuming and incorrect. with all my wishes that this method really make you progress in your musical life , it just takes 10 minutes to complete but more than 200x that of practice , but after finishing , you will be able to master the most important of music and afterwards you can learn the other 5 modes which i will explain in the next short course which are Dorian, Phrygian , Lydia , Mixolydian & Locrian Which will add even more taste and feelings for your improvisation or musical compositions , So are you ready to learn 10 minutes that will progress you 10 months  .






Major & Minor Scale Differences

Major & Minor Scale Differences

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The Holy Acronym

Learn The Acronym

Practicing The Acronym

Flats Major Scale

Practicing The Acronym 2

Figure Out Minor Scales By This Simple Relationship To The Acronym

Checking & Good Bye

Improvisation & Tips