Get the Job you want

What you will learn

How to Succeed in Job Interviews

How to prepare for different types of interviews such as video and Panel

How to answer different types of questions

How to handle and negotiate offer and Salary


This course is for anyone wanting to do better at Job interviews and successfully get a Job offer in the career you want!

Created by practising Recruitment professionals with decades of experience in Business and Executive Recruitment from both Corporate leadership and Recruitment Agency backgrounds, we know what interviewers are looking for and what it takes to stand out – the competition is tougher than ever and we will help you shine!

No matter if its your first job interview, or you’re looking for a career change and growth you have been apporached by a competitor as a Leading Talent or you are facing retrenchment there is something for everyone with guides to preparation, gaining confidence, hangling tough Interview questions, improving your presence in a variety of interview settings including video interviews, panel interviews, automated interviews and well as traditional one-on-one interviews with HR, Recruiters and Hiring Managers and ensuring you are a good match for Job requirements, with pitfalls, traps and red flags to avoid and much more.

J.P has owned and run Executive Search Firms and is on the front line of Exectuvie Recruitment gloablly, helping guide, coach and place thousands of candidates over the years from all industries verticals including Banking and Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT, Office, Legal, Government, Supply Chain & Logistics and HR from office junior to Executive Business Leaders.

‘Interview Success’ is part of the ‘Own Your Career’ series of online courses.

J.P. has worked for the past 12 years as a Business Consultant and Talent Acquisition specialist. Prior to this he spent 12 years in Blue Chip Banking and Telecoms Corporates, Lloyds Banking Group and British Telecom. J.P. has been the CEO of First Global Direct since 2014, a Consultancy for Business Strategy and growth in the areas of Investment fund raising, Events and Marketing, outsourced Sales and IT teams and he specializes in recruitment for Data Science, Banking and HR utilizing cutting edge AI Technology for recruitment through its sister company Ai Sourcing.






The P.R.I.C.E. Framework for Interview Success

Course Introduction and the PRICE Framework

Slides of The P.R.I.C.E. Framework

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation Overview

Slides of – Interview Preparation Overview

Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Slides of – Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Overcoming Interview nerves

Slides of – Overcoming Interview Nerves

Phone Interviews

Slides of – Phone Interviews

Automated Interviews

Slides of – Automated Interviews

Virtual Interviews

Slides of – Virtual Interviews

10 Tips for Interview Success

Slides Of – 10 Tips for Interview success

The Key Interview Questions to Prepare for

Arriving at Interview and Introducing Yourself

Slides of – Introducing Yourself

“Tell me about yourself” – General Answer for most Scenarios

Slides of – “Tell me about yourself” – General Scenario 1 for most situations

“Tell me about yourself” – Changing Industry Scenario

Slides of – “Tell me about yourself” – changing industry

“Tell me about yourself” Recent Graduates

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Slides of – “Tell me about yourself” for recent Graduates

“Why do you want to Work here?”

Slides of – “Why do you want to work here?”

“What are your Strengths?”

Slides of – “What are your Strengths?”

What are your Weaknesses?”

Slides of – “What are your weaknesses?”

“What is your Greatest Achievement?”

Slides of – “What is your Greatest achievement?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Slides of – “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Why do you want to leave your job?”

Slides of – “Why do you want to leave your job?”

Competency Interviews and the STAR Framework

Slides of the STAR framework for competency questions

Competency Questions part 2 and Answer examples – SLIDES ONLY

Behavioral Questions for Leadership Roles – SLIDES ONLY

Leadership “How would you build a positive Relationship with your team?”

“What are your Salary Expectations?”

Slides of – “What are your Salary Expectations?”

“Why should we Hire you?”

Slides of – “Why should we Hire you?”

“Do you have any questions?”

Slides of – “Do You Have any questions?”

Inappropriate Questions and Red Flags – SLIDES ONLY

Interview Follow up

The Thank You letter – SLIDES ONLY

Interview Secrets

Signs the Interview went well

Slides of – Signs the interview went well

Psychology – SLIDES ONLY

Offers and Negotiation

Should you accept an Offer? – SLIDES ONLY

Salary Negotiation – SLIDES ONLY

Re-Evaluating your Career

Keeping your Current Job and Career Safe

Slides of – Keeping your Career Safe