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Achieve project management excellence with ChatGPT. Learn OpenAI API, and how to boost your productivity with ChatGPT

What you will learn

Project Management with ChatGPT

Project Governance with ChatGPT

Knowledge Base Management with ChatGPT

Risk Management with ChatGPT

Planning and Estimation with ChatGPT

Requirements creation and requirements management with ChatGPT

Slack Messenger API

Best Practices of using ChatGPT

Jira Software Cloud API

ChatGPT, Slack, Jira Integration via Java Spring Boot Web App

Create Web App via Spring Boot, ChatGPT, Jira, Slack for Project Management Operations Automation


In this course, we are going to Learn ChatGPT for Project Managers in Depth.

Advantages of this course:

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  • Project Management best practices: Learn project management concepts and best practices and improve your skills in project management while learning ChatGPT at the same time.
  • Concentration of useful materials: Cut to the chase – No water. In this course you will not find 10 hours of lessons teaching you how to enter text in the chat GPT web application. We are going to learn a lot of things, and what is the most important, we are going to learn a lot of different things.
  • Vast experience in the subject: my company was one of the first on the market that started consulting clients about ChatGPT since GPT API was publicly exposed.
  • Q&A Support and Close collaboration during the course: at the end of the day, you don’t just get the video lessons, you also get support from me. We work in close collaboration, you ask your questions about topics discussed in the video, source code reviewed and other things. No matter what questions you have, I’m here to help.
  • Professional learning approach: I’m tutor with 900 students from more than 200 countries around the world. I was an offline tutor for a long time, and then I founded Learn IT Online University. I have big experience in the communication and teachnig student both: offline and online. And I can easily find the right approach to explain things, and make complex things easier to understand.
  • Huge amount of source code examples: Even the first edition of this course already contains around 1000 files that can be used as examples. And this is just for one project that we develop with students. Not talking about examples that I share on the slides, or during the no-code development. This course is extremely oriented on practice and business use cases. And new examples are added to the course on a regular basis, because I update this course with new use cases, with new updates after new releases of OpenAI ChatGPT model.
  • No drama money back guarantee:  In case you didn’t like the course, for any reasons, you should explain me nothing. You can easily get your money back within the 30 days after registration. I promise you. So, there is no risk at all for you. In case you don’t like the course, you can quit anytime you want.

Target Audience of the Course:

  • The course is developed for Project Managers. There are two main parts in the course – the one that doesn’t require any coding skills and API understanding. And the second part of the course is for advanced users to solve more complex tasks with the help of ChatGPT where we will learn basics of API and web development.
  • This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn ChatGPT. I can say that this is the most detailed and the most complete ChatGPT course available online based on today
  • Significant part of the course will be dedicated to learning of the OpenAI API. And during the course we are going to create our own web application, and develop chat bot – that’s why this course will be also interesting for Product Managers in order to understand how solutions based on ChatGPT can be built.



Communication plan
Tips to Improve Your Course Taking Experience

ChatGPT Web Application

Introduction to ChatGPT Web Application

Project Management with ChatGPT

Project Initiation, Project Charter & Knowledge Base Set Up with ChatGPT: Part 1
Project Initiation, Project Charter & Knowledge Base Set Up with ChatGPT: Part 2
Scope Management & Requirements Management with ChatGPT
Planning Phase & WBS
Estimation Techniques
Estimation Framework, Schedule Management & Risk Management with ChatGPT, Part 1
Estimation Framework, Schedule Management & Risk Management with ChatGPT, Part 2
Estimation Framework, Schedule Management & Risk Management with ChatGPT, Part 3


Intro to the OpenAI Section
OpenAI: Basic Concepts
OpenAI API: Create & Manage Personal Account

OpenAI API: ChatGPT Model

Important note about API Testing
ChatGPT: Chat API
Send First Request to GPT API & Parse Response
First Web Application with ChatGPT
Function calling in ChatGPT
GPT Best Practices

Web Application Hosting at Home

Web Hosting at Home: Port Forwarding

GPT + Slack Integration

Create Slack Application, Configuration of Incoming & Outgoing Webhooks
Connect GPT to the Slack
Context Management in Web App to Integrate with GPT


The Role of Jira in our Web Application | Why this section is needed?
First Project in Jira Cloud
Jira API

GPT + Slack + Jira + Gmail Integration

GPT + Slack + Jira Integration: Work with Jira Datasource
Generate Tickets in Jira & Send Email from Slack via Chat Interface

Manage a Scrum Team with ChatGPT

Managing Scrum & Risk Management with Custom Bot, Slack & GPT

Fine-tuning, Creation & Training of Custom GPT Model

Fine-tuning: Key Concepts & Overview of the Process
Important note about updates in GPT fine-tuning
Preparing Training Dataset: Key Principles, Use cases & Examples – PART 1
Preparing Training Dataset: Key Principles, Use cases & Examples – PART 2
Create your first fine-tuned model: Part 1
Create your first fine-tuned model: Part 2
=== EXAM: Create and Integrate Custom ChatBot for Confluence into the Slack ===
Chat Bot for Knowledge Base and How to build iterative process of fine-tuning

Annex: API Testing

Introduction to the section
Review of tools for API testing & Postman Installation
API Testing with Postman

Bonus Section

Bonus Lesson