Learn the steps to cultivate the habit of reading newspaper with the help of HINDI language

What you will learn

Students will learn how to English language with the help of newspaper.


How can we enhance our vocabulary with the help of reading newspaper. This course is the answer to your question. Reading newspapers is no more tedious job now, it is very interesting and I am sure you are rising eyebrow at this statement. Don’t ….Just start the course.

This course is designed to make students fall in love with the reading newspaper which they always find irksome. This course comprises 5 steps which will grow you fond of reading newspapers by and by. A couple of examples are also narrated to help you comprehend reading newspapers practically. There are various steps which will help students understand how to learn English with the help of reading newspaper like first we start reading the headlines , then pictures with good vocabulary ,followed by  the interesting interviews of celebrities. After following these steps, the small pieces of news come which is followed by the  whole article. These steps make the tedious job interesting and encourages students to read the long news as well. This course accentuates how  the vocabulary can be learnt and used in our daily conversation and written formal communication. We need to write reporting, mails, essays and formal  and informal letters ; newspaper refurbishes us with the standard vocabulary and useful and complex  structures which makes us confident in our communication.

This course is very useful for Hindi speakers. As the medium of instruction is both Hindi and English.
Let’s make reading newspapers our true friend and mentor.




Let me Introduce the course –


Let’s start this journey

Let’s warm up –

First step

Let’s read some headlines

Headline -1

Headline -2




Headline -6

Let’s move to Second Step —

Second step to read English

Let’s head towards Third Step —

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Step – Third

Read the reader’s letters- Example

Reader’s Letter- Example-2

Step – Four

Read Horoscope

Let’s read our horoscope-

It’s the time to Fifth Step —–

Fifth Step – Read the whole clipping –

Let’s read some pieces of news

Small piece of news – 1

Read News Clip-2

Newspaper clip- 3

Newspaper Clip – 4

Let’s learn some more-

How to learn from reading an Interview

Let me quiz you-

This is the high time to revise the concepts

Lovely Thanks to you …

Thanks a million