How to defend The super dangerous web-hacking attacks of the powerful cracking tool !

What you will learn

How to defend the extremly critical attack skills from the SQLmap (KALI-Linux’s or Win32’s cracking tool)


Designed for more convenient watching on your smartphone or tablet !

  • What will be added is Metasploit, the ultimate open-source hacking tool. And combinaton with search-sploit to help with the hacking tool.Also, gathering information, the beginning of all hacking attacks, will be of great importance. So finally, the ultimate scanner called nmap will be added.

    These tools are not used separately. When used together, the ultimate power can be generated.

  • Hacking attack techniques are important, but more importantly, practice them.All existing hacking methods can be easily learned on the Internet.Unlike them, this content aims to help you test how effectively you can attack in real-life situations.

    Therefore, we will gradually add interesting hacking attack test quizzes.


  • Designed by the IT security-instructor who has the experience on private educational institute and Anti-Cyber-Crime School for the government of South KOREA.
  • The Data Robbers can steal the data from any spots ! (Login / Search / Registering information)
  • The SQL-Injection is world’s most famous hacking-skills to the all kinds of web applications.——————————————[ Coming Up ! ]————————————————-
  • Attacking Services-Vulnerabilities and OWASP TOP 10 Web-Vulnerabilities by using various tools !
  • Nmap (The Port-scanner) + Metasploit (The System-vulnerability-scanner) + Metasploitable2 (The Super-vulnerable-linux-server) !
  •  Searchsploit (The powerful DATABASE of exploits)
  • [ Nmap with Scripting(NSE) / Nmap with postgreSQL / Reverse-Backdoor / msfVenom / METERPRETER ]




Installation The Test-WebSite

How to setup the Test-WebSite

How to works the Test-WebSite ?

Adding a new Game-Item

Approval for a new Game-Item

Login Process

Admin Page

Search Pages

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MySQL Database

The SQLmap

How to use the SQLmap.

Attack to the search page

How to examine and get informations.

Attack to the login page

How to examine and get informations.

The Protection [ secure-coding ]

How to protect my website.