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Pitch to investors online or pitch to investors in person, you can use these 7 slides to deliver a “Perfect” message!

What you will learn

Know How Investors Think

Better Placed To Get The Funding You Require

Able to Give Investors What They Want

You Will Learn What to Avoid When Pitching

You Will Learn How To Answer Questions The Investors Ask

You Will Be Able To Deliver Your Pitch Confidently


5 Start Review – Michaele Downey (Student) Says: Great Course!

If you are looking for money to start or expand your business, this is the perfect course for you. When you follow the steps, you will have the perfect presentation for investors. Boomy explains step by step what information you need to include on each slide. After the research is done, creating the slides will be easy. I definitely recommend this course.



Over the past 20 years I have helped many businesses raise between $5000 to $100,000 with a 90% success rate.


So in this course you will be getting my expert knowledge on how to present your Pitch to the Investor. I will be giving you the exact information you need to deliver a “Perfect” pitch to those you want to raise money from.


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Therefore if you are looking for a No fluff, Simple & Actionable course with the ability to:

  • Be better placed to get the funding you require
  • Be able to give investors what they want
  • Learn what to avoid when pitching
  • Learn how to answer questions the investors ask

This is the course for you!


If you are in the process of writing a business plan or have just finished your plan you need to take advantage of the expert knowledge included in this course so that you can Increase Your Odds of Startup Success!

I want you to succeed so:

  • If there are other content you want me to include
  • Or subjects you think I should consider
  • Or if you have a question for me
  • Inbox me on Udemy


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my knowledge with you!

Take Action Today!



The Beginning

Introduction & Course Curriculum
An Important Announcement
How My Courses Work Together To Help You!
PowerPoint Slides For The Course

Slide 1: Pitch Your Idea

Pitch to Investors: Instantly Communicate …..
Pitch to Investors: You Must Leave An Impression
What to Instantly Communicate

Slide 2: Presenting Your Team to the Investors

Pitch to Investors: Your Winning Team
Pitch to Investors: Their Competence and Knowledge
The Team Focus

Slide 3: Demonstrating Research to the Investors

Pitch to Investors: Your Competitive Analysis
Pitch to Investors: Your Uniqueness
Competitive Edge

Slide 4: Let the Investors Know How You Will Reach Your Customers

Pitch to Investors: Your Market Penetration Strategy
Pitch to Investors: Reasons For Your Choice
Reaching Your Customers

Slide 5: Let the Investors Know Your Marketing Spend

Pitch to Investors: What The Marketing Campaign Should Cost
Pitch to Investors: The Reason For Your Chosen Path
Marketing Budget

Slide 6: Financial Pitch to Investors

Pitch to Investors: How The Numbers Add Up
Pitch to Investors: A Simple Financial Statement
The Financial Information

Slide 7: Valuation

Pitch to Investors: Why/when You Should Include Valuation
Pitch to Investors: The Right Way to Conduct Valuation
Importance of Valuation


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