Alternate Picking will become something natural for you

What you will learn

The student that takes this course will get to the next level of guitar picking.

The Alternate Picking will become something so natural for the students of this course, just as natural as it is to walk.


This lessons is one of the many lessons of my Lead Guitar Program, where my goal as instructor is to make you a lead guitar player. If you have some knowledge on music and guitar, if you consider yourself a beginner to intermediate level guitarist, Lead Guitar Program is for you!

On this program I will teach everything I use as a professional musician so you also can become a real Lead Guitarist. I will be straight to the point, with solid and practical information and techniques that will be part of your tool belt day-by-day.

Lead Guitar Program is design to get a beginner/intermediate level guitarist to become an advanced level guitarist.

On This Lesson

On this lessons we will cover one technique that is the fundament for for every lead guitar: the Alternate Picking Technique. I will show you in a very practical an easy way how to develop your this technique that it will become to you something as natural as walking.

I will talk from the basics like choosing a guitar pick and Palm Muting, and I will take through 16 different exercises that will make you capable to play like a lead guitarist you want to be.




Introduction and Instructions


Different kinds of guitar picks

Proper way to hold the guitar pick

Where to place your right hand

It’s all about becoming natural


Different Dynamics

How to increase the speed


Exercise #1

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Exercise #2

Exercise #3

Exercise #4

Exercise #5

Exercise #6

Exercise #7

Exercise #8

Comment about Exercise #5-8

Comment about Exerises#9-12

Exercise #9

Exercise #10

Exercise #11

Exercise #12

Exercise #13

Exercise #14

Comment about Palm Muting

Exercise #15 & 16

How to clean up your sound

Final Thoughts