Get Started with one of the most used Open Source IAM Solution.

What you will learn

Introduction to Keycloak

Keycloak Realms Concept

Manage Identities with Keycloak

Themes in Keycloak


Keycloak is an open source software product to allow single sign-on with Identity and Access Management aimed at modern applications and services.

This course on Keycloak will help a novice to Get Started with Keycloak. The vision with which this course is designed is to make sure that the developer will be able to get the maximum out of this course. After completion, developer will be able to work on Keycloak effectively. Although the title goes by Keycloak For Beginners, but I am sure that the content of the course can be taken as a refresher by an experienced proffesional as well.

Content of the course is created in a manner so that everything is explained in detail.

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Following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Introduction to Keycloak
    • What is Keycloak?
    • Features of Keycloak
    • How to Install and other introductary topics.
  • Realms in Keycloak
    • Concept of Realms in Keycloak.
    • What is Master Realm?
    • How to add a Realm and Manage.
  • Managing Users
    • Different Ways to manage Users in Keycloak
  • Managing Groups
    • What are Groups
    • Nested Groups
    • Different Ways to Manage Groups
  • Keycloak Customization
    • What are Themes?
    • How to Customize Look and Feel of Keycloak
  • User Actions in Keycloak
    • What are User Actions and How to enable.

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Keycloak for Beginners

Introduction to Keycloak
Keycloak Realms
Managing Users in Keycloak
All about Groups in Keycloak
Themes- Keycloak Customisation
Keycloak User Actions