Linux Command Line Fundamentals

What you will learn

Initial Install of Linux OS.

Navigate the Linux filesystem.

Understand Linux Security fundamentals.

Find help while using the Linux command line.

Realize the potential of the Linux command line.


Looking to learn Linux? 

This course is aimed for beginners looking to dive into the Linux command line

We will be starting from the initial install and setup of VirtualBox and Vagrant, and you will leave having the fundamentals to continue on your learning journey.

This course is divided into the following sections

Initial Install

The initial install and setup of VirtualBox and Vagrant

Why vagrant?

This tool uses a base image to quickly clone a virtual machine, and saves time and resources in the process. It allows for a repeatable process, should you want to get more virtual machine environments after the course.

In the course, I am using MacOS, if you’re using Windows please use Git.
This will align things as closely as possible to using Unix/Linux and will ensure you have an SSH Client.

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Basic Essential Commands

  • Where am I?
    • pwd, ls, ls -lah
  • Where to?
    • cd, cd ..
    • The concept of ~ vs /
  • How?
    • How to learn how to use a command
    • man ls

Productivity Tips

Getting the most bang for your buck at the command line

  • Tab completion
  • Aliases

Security Fundamentals

Important Security Concepts to Know

  • Permissions and access
  • sudo vs su

Man Pages

  • How to get help on a command
  • How to look for examples

Are there any prerequisites for this course? 

  • Just a desire to learn Linux 🙂

Target Audience

For beginners looking to dive into the Linux command line




VirtualBox Install
Vagrant Init
Vagrant Init Part ll
Headless VM Overview

Essential Commands

Vagrant File
Common Commands

Productivity Tips

Aliases Part ll
Vagrant Shared Directory

Security Fundamentals

Intro to Security
Security Permissions
Permissions with Chmod
Sudo vs Su
Sudo vs Su Part ll

Getting Help at the Command Line

Man Pages
Man Pages Part ll
Man Pages Help