Learn to Create Stunning Websites from Scratch while Learning the Fundamentals of HTML and CSS in this Beginners Course.

What you will learn

Learn to code beautiful websites

Learn HTML & CSS

Learn basic foundation of web development

Understand how websites work


Discover the World of Web Development with “HTML CSS Web Development for Complete Beginners”

Are you eager to unlock the secrets of web development and create stunning websites from scratch? Look no further! Join this free course designed especially for beginners like you. This “Beginner’s Guide to Web Development” course is the perfect starting point for complete beginners like you. Get ready to unlock the secrets of HTML and CSS, the fundamental building blocks of the web.

Course Highlights

Learn the ABCs of HTML and CSS, the building blocks of web development.

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  • Master the art of creating beautiful and responsive web pages.
  • Get hands-on with practical exercises and real-world projects.
  • Dive into the fundamental concepts that underpin modern web development.

Whether you dream of becoming a web developer, starting a blog, or showcasing your portfolio, this course will set you on the right path.

What’s Inside?

  • Step-by-step tutorials with clear explanations.
  • Engaging exercises to solidify your knowledge.
  • Tips and tricks from experienced web developers.
  • Ongoing support from our dedicated community.

No prior coding experience required! This course is designed for complete beginners, making it easy and enjoyable to learn at your own pace.

Enroll now for FREE and embark on a transformative journey into the world of web development. Don’t miss this chance to unlock your creative potential and build the websites of your dreams!



Understanding Web Development

What is Web Development?
Roles of a Web Developer?
Frontend, Backend and Full Stack Web Developer
Path to become a Professional Web Developer
Why learn JavaScript Programming Language?
Visual Studio Code Editor Setup
HTML & CSS PDF Booklet


Headings and paragraphs
Vs code plugins and themes
HTML Document and head section
Using CSS Stylesheet
Writing CSS
Learning tips and comments
Using Google fonts
Display image on HTML page
CSS media queries
Margins and paddings
HTML list items
Clickable links
Border styling and hover effects
Text shadow and background color
Image as background
Parallax image background
Gradient color background
HTML form


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