How to set and measure KPIs for your social media marketing
Analysis of the most common and some not so common key performance indicators (KPIs), their purpose and how to measure

What you will learn

Understand and segment the social funnel into key customer journey stages

Analyse the most important social media metrics for marketers

Learn what each matrix measures and how to measure it

Understan the value of measuring the right matric for your industry and campaign


Any good marketeer needs to know how to measure the performance of any marketing activity he undertakes, and that does not mean that he needs to be limited to just one.

You may need to measure the success of your activity with multiple results.

Setting up and measuring social media matrices that matters, will prove your effort has had a positive, bottom-line impact on the business.

The right data will assure executives that their investment in social is paying off. It’ll also help you continue to make smarter, more data-driven decisions moving forward.

For the purposes of this course and to make it a bit simpler to understand, we will segment the funnel into four key customer journey stages:

· Awareness: these metrics illuminate your current and potential audience.

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· Engagement: these metrics show how audiences are interacting with your content.

· Conversion: these metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of your social engagement.

· Consumer: these metrics reflect how active customers think and feel about your brand.

Every stage is populated with its own set of must-measure metrics, KPIs that shed light on the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

We will go over each customer journey and analyses the KPI we can monitor and measure and how we can measure them




The instructor

The matrices

What are social media metrics? And why are they important to track?
Important social media metrics for marketers and The social funnel.
Awareness metrics
Engagement metrics
Conversion metrics
Customer metrics

Summary and conclusion