Guide to Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle Applications Development Tutorials Without Technical or Coding Skills!

What you will learn

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Build Audio App

Build Mortgage Calculator App

Build Count Down Timer App

Build Email Marketing App

Build Messenger App – With Google and Facebook Login Features

Build Slot Machine App

Build Voice Recorder App

Build Global Positioning System (GPS) App

Build Photo Sharing App

Build eBook App – Turn any PDF into eBook App

Build News Feed App

Build Memory Game App

Build Push Notifications App

Build Geo-Fencing App

Build Facebook App

Bypass Mobile App’s Web Page Link to Mobile App Link

Customize Mobile App Tap – Better User Interface (UI) Design and Better User Experience (UX) Design

Discover Mobile App Monetization Secrets

Discover Precaution Steps That Need To Be Taken on Live Ads

Learn How To Use Google Analytics To Track Mobile App Activity

Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in Just 20 Minutes!

Discover Online Tool To Quickly Generate Different Sizes of Mobile App Icons

Discover Ways To Engage With Mobile App Users

Learn How To Export Application Binary and Upload to Multiple Mobile App Stores