Effective strategies, habits and tips

What you will learn

To learn how sleep deprivation is an epidemic

To learn myths and mysteries of sleep

To learn effects of sleep deprivation on performance and health

To learn the strategies of addressing sleep problems


Sleep deprivation is an epidemic. One out of 3 people is likely to experience insomnia in their lifetime.

This course will help you understand the sleep deprivation as an epidemic and why it important to study sleep. Loss of sleep can impact on people in different ways, for instance, loss of sleep can affect concentration of a student in class, and this can cause poor grades.

Mistakes at work can arise from lack of sleep. Motor vehicle crushes and other accidents can occur due to loss of sleep.

People hold myths about sleep deprivation and it is vital to understand the myths and separate them from reality.

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The mysteries of sleep also help us understand why we need sleep. All other animals too need sleep.

This course covers the negative consequences of sleep loss. Evidence shows that sleep loss can affect your performance, and can cause you mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Learning the strategies for addressing problems like insomnia is part of this course. We’ll guide you through effective strategies that you can apply and start enjoying good sleep. Once, you experience good sleep, you will start feeling more excited, energized, more productive and happier in life.




Mysteries of sleep
Myths about sleep depression

Theories of sleep

Two process model of sleep
Negative effects of sleep loss

Interventions for sleep deprivation

Interventions for sleep deprivation