Seek the Thrills Outside a Regular 9-5 Job by Becoming a Firefighter

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Becoming a Firefighter

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Learn how a career as a firefighter can provide you with financial stability, allowing you to give back to your community and make you excited to come to work. Firefighting is a rewarding career that offers great opportunity for growth and advancement, amazing medical benefits and a high level of job satisfaction. This course will teach you how to prepare for your new career full of thrills and excitement while helping your community.

Outside of the thrill and adrenaline, Firefighting is a dangerous profession. You come across the most unique situations. The Fire Service is known for comradery amongst your colleagues to connect with one another as a second family. You are expected to have each others back in any situation. That is what makes the Fire Service one of the most fulfilling professions available.

You will learn how to determine your interest, what a firefighter does, how to prepare, how to find and apply for open positions, how to stand out within the hiring crowd, how to succeed in the fire academy, what to expect during the hiring process and how to be successful in your probationary period. This course will also teach you certain Fire Service etiquette that will allow you to maintain a professional image amongst your new peers. This course will take you from Day 1 (TODAY) to graduate and complete your Probationary period as a Full Time Paid Career Firefighter.

Plus! You will be given bonus downloadable material including:

“5 Exercises to Prepare for your Fire Academy”


The “Cheat sheet question form for your first fire station visit”





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What Exactly is a Firefighter?

Why Pursue the Fire Service?

Where to Begin

Where to Begin Video

Determine Your Interest

Get First Aid CPR Certified

Study Up

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Visit a Local Fire Station

Schedule a Civilian Ride Along


Formal Training

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Fire Science Classes

EMT Training


Fire Academy

Academy Video

Other Training Options

Paramedic Training

FEMA Incident Command System

Application / Testing

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Application Process

Step #1: Formal Application

Step #2: Written Test

Step #3: Physical Agility Test

Physical Agility Test Video

Step #4: Interview Panel

Step #5: Department Chiefs Interview

Step #6: Background Investigation

Step #7: Department Academy

Step #8: Probationary Period

Day in the Life of a Probie

Step #9: Final Test


Closing Section Video

Fire Station Life