AutoCAD for beginners

What you will learn

Creating 2D CAD drawings

Creating basic 3D models

Creating your own template

Creating layers and dimensions


Welcome in the AutoCAD course for beginners. In this course we are using AutoCAD 2022 but I believe that all newer and older versions will work just fine. Let me go through some of the topics we are going to learn.

First of all we will show you how to install AutoCAD. We will create first project based on the template acadiso.

We will learn how to add basic shapes, lines, circles, rectangles, etc. We will practise selecting objects as in autocad it makes difference of you start selecting frome left or right side of the object. We will spend some time to explain cartesian absolute coordinates, cartesian relative coordinates and relative polar coordinates.

We will cover how the grid lines are placed, how to align them and use snap tool to make some drawings really fast and easy.

In the next step we will add measurements to our drawing so that you can be sure that whatever you do is correct. We will create new layers and move main lines to seperate layers. With this approach we will keep different objects in different layers as it will pay-off in the future. You should always keep main lines, measurements, annotations, center lines, hatch, etc in different layers. It makes it easier to select or to hide unnecesary object at the time.






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Create, save and open projects

Add basic objects

Select objects

Cartesian absolute coordinates

Cartesian relative coordinates

Relative polar coordinates

Grid lines and grid snap mode