Learn React while building a cool notes application

What you will learn

Basics of React

React hooks and components

State management and lifecycle methods

Getting and sending data to and from an API

Basic CRUD operations with REACT


If you’re new to React, you’ll have fun learning the basics of how react works while building a fully functional notes app with some cool features.

React is a frontend framework used by many established online companies such as Airbnb, Instagram, Uber Eats, Discord, and Pinterest just to name a few. Knowing how to build websites while with React will open up a wide range of job opportunities due to the demand for React developers around the world.

This course is meant for complete beginners but can be enjoyed by anyone who has a base understanding of React and is looking to add another fun project to show off on their resume. While the application is quit simple I did add a few features that stand out such as autosaving without having to manually click the submit button when editing notes and some data manipulation to generate titles and previews to notes displayed in the list.

My goal with this course is to give you an introduction so you can build a working application in as little time as possible, this is not a complete React course. I hope you enjoy this course and enjoy the start to this awesome journey of learning one of the worlds most used frontend frameworks 🙂





Course Introduction

Introduction to React

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Environment Setup

Adding Pages and Routes

Project Setup and File Overview

Pages and URL Routing

Adding Styling

Working with API Data

Setting up JSON Server

State & Making API Calls

Modifying Data

Edit, Delete & Add Notes

Clean up List Item Display

Deploying our Application