Hebrew For Beginners
Make you first steps in your Hebrew learning journey

What you will learn

Read, write, understand and speak basic Hebrew

Acquire confidence in writing, speaking and reading Hebrew

Understand the basic Hebrew grammar

learn essential basic vocabulary


Are you ready to explore the enchanting world of Hebrew, even if you’re starting from scratch? Our “Hebrew for Beginners Online Course” is designed for individuals with zero prior experience in the language. Whether your interest lies in culture, history, or mastering a new language, our course offers an accessible and enjoyable entry point.

Course Overview:

-Structured Learning: Starting from the absolute basics, our course is meticulously designed to help you progress from a complete beginner to a confident Hebrew speaker. Each lesson logically builds upon the previous one, allowing you to advance at your own pace.

Interactive Approach: We believe in making language learning fun and engaging. Our lessons incorporate multimedia elements, including audio and visual aids, to ensure your learning experience remains dynamic and motivating.

Real-World Communication: Practicality is our focus. From the very beginning, you’ll acquire valuable conversational skills. We emphasize teaching you phrases and vocabulary that you can immediately apply in everyday situations.

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Cultural Insights: Language is the gateway to culture, and our course provides intriguing glimpses into Israeli traditions, history, and way of life. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of the people behind the language.

Flexibility: Life is busy, and our online course is adaptable to your schedule. Access lessons from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Whether you’re at home or on the move, Hebrew learning is at your fingertips.

Progress Monitoring: We provide tools to help you track your advancement, set goals, and celebrate your milestones as you gain proficiency in Hebrew.

By the end of this course, you’ll possess a solid foundation in Hebrew, enabling you to engage in basic conversations, read simple texts, and develop a deeper appreciation for both the language and culture.

Join us today and take your first step towards becoming a confident Hebrew speaker. Enroll in our “Hebrew for Beginners Online Course” and embark on a rewarding journey into the world of Hebrew, unlocking new opportunities and connections along the way. Start your adventure now!




Meet your teacher

Hebrew letters and Vowels

The Hebrew alphabet
The Hebrew vowels
The Hebrew alphabet – a review
The Hebrew vowels – a review
Hebrew vowels test

Hebrew nouns

Hebrew nouns
Vocabulary of basic nouns
Test your Hebrew nouns

How do Hebrew adjectives work?

Hebrew adjectives
How to use adjectives?
Vocabulary of basic adjectives
Ready to test your adjectives?

Combining nouns and adjectives

How to connect nouns and adjectives?
Test how to connect adjectives and nouns

The article and other particles in Hebrew

The article and other particles in Hebrew
Article and particles quiz

Nominal clauses – it exists we promise!

What are nomial clauses?
Example of nominal clauses
Quiz nominal clauses

The Hebrew pronouns

Hebrew pronouns
Pronouns quiz

Hebrew question words

Question words
Question words and pronouns
Test your knowldge of Hebrew question words

The prepositions “to”, “in”, “from”

Basic prepositions
Adding an article to basic prepositions
Preposition quiz

What are demonstratives?

Demonstratives quiz

Forming sentences with demonstratives

Demonstratives in sentences
Question words with demonstratives
Demonstratives in sentences