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Leave stress, delay, distraction, and worry behind; embrace a disciplined, planned, productive self: 10X Time Management

What you will learn

Efficient Time Planning and Management

Effective Use of Time Management Tools

Establishing Personal Routines and Habits

Reducing Distractions, Increasing and Preserving Focus

Utilizing Digital Tools such as Trello, AnyDo, Asana, Calendly, Google Calendar, Todoist, Forest

Understanding and Maximizing Brain Functions & Focus

Developing a Positive Mindset and Perspective

Enhancing Discipline and Willpower

Preserving Health and Boosting Body Productivity


Increase Your Productivity and Time Management Skills by 10 Times!

Time management and productivity are critical for everyone in today’s fast-paced life. The “Productivity & Time Management” course invites you to take a step towards a organized, planned, and disciplined life by freeing you from stress, procrastination, and distractions. This course serves as a guide for anyone looking to make a positive change in their career, relationships, and lifestyle.

What Can You Achieve with This Course?

  • Learn strategies to make yourself a more productive individual.
  • Discover techniques to manage time effectively.
  • Optimize your daily routines to enhance your quality of life.

Course Overview

This course provides an in-depth look at productivity and time management. It covers topics like keeping your body productive, understanding your brain, creating routines, and effectively managing time. Additionally, it will teach you tools and techniques to help you manage your daily tasks with practical lessons.

The course is enriched with real-world examples and practical lessons so that you can apply what you learn immediately. Throughout the course, popular tools and techniques used to improve time management and productivity will be emphasized.

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Course Content

The course consists of a series of sections, each focusing on a specific topic:

  1. Getting Started: A New You – Welcome to the course! This section provides an overview of the course and what you’ll learn.
  2. Keeping the Body Productive – This section discusses topics like health, sleep, nutrition, and meditation.
  3. Understanding Our Brain – Explore different parts of our brain and how we learn.
  4. Routines and Habits – Learn to create effective routines and harness the power of habits.
  5. Applied Time Management – Practical lessons on time management tools and techniques.
  6. Creating, Planning, and Managing Time – Strategies and techniques for effective time management.
  7. Maintaining Focus – Learn how to maintain focus and prevent distractions.
  8. Mindset – Lessons on setting the right goals and developing willpower.
  9. Congratulations, Thanks, and Certification – Comprehensive summary, tips for taking action, and information about the certificate you’ll receive.

Who Should Join?

This course is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their time management and productivity. Whether you’re a professional in the business world, a student, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who wants to allocate more time to family, relationships, and social life, this course will teach you how to manage your time more effectively and complete your daily tasks more efficiently.

Join and Discover a New You!

This course provides all the knowledge and tools you need to become a more productive individual who manages their time more effectively. Join now and discover a new you!



DAY 0: Your New Self

What You Will Learn in This Course
Resources, Notes, Q&A, Certificate

DAY 1: Understanding Our Brain

Introduction: Understanding the Brain
The 3 Parts of the Brain
How We Learn?
Retaining Information in Memory
Knowing Yourself Biologically
Parkinson’s Law
Multi-tasking & Single-tasking
Your Turn (and Summary)

DAY 2: Maintaining Physical Productivity

The Role of Health in Productivity
Food & Nutrition
Cold Shower & Ice Bath
Your Turn (and Summary)

DAY 3: Master in Routines & Habits

Harnessing the Power of Habits
Routines You Can Be Inspired By
Routines That Changed My Life
Creating the Routine That Will Change Your Life
Your Personal Routine Notebook (PDF)
Your Turn (and Summary)

DAY 4: Applied Time Management

To-Do List
Daily Tasks: Any.do (Applied)
Weekly, Monthly Tasks: Trello (Applied)
Effective Calendar Usage
Google Calendars (Applied)
A Practical Solution: Calendly (Applied)

DAY 5: Create Time, Plan, Manage

Time Management Matrix
Automations That Get the Job Done (For Free)
Buying Time
Revive Your Dead Time
The 2-Minute Rule
Your Turn (and Summary)

DAY 6: Rescue Your Focus

Focus Disruptors
Rescue Your Focus: Computer
Rescue Your Focus: Phone
Time Blocking
Focus and Breaks (Pomodoro)
Focus Exercise
Your Turn (and Summary)

DAY 7: Mentality

Upper Self & Lower Self
Determine Your Upper & Lower Self (PDF)
Developing Willpower
Setting the Right Goal
Get Rid of Excuses
The Right Time to Start
Proactive VS Reactive
Your Turn (and Summary)


Summary of Everything
Take an Action
Certificate, Thanks and Congratulations