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Generative AI for Beginners
Generative AI Made Easy: Start Your Generative AI Journey, Learn ChatGPT, LLM, Prompt engineering, Create GenAI Chatbot

What you will learn

Detailed Understanding of Generative AI

Key Concepts – LLM, Embeddings, Prompt Engineering, Fine Tuning

Industry use cases and ideas that can be implemented

Hands-on experience, creating a chatbot

Future trends and how to stay relevant in post-GenAI world

Roadmap for continous learning


Welcome to Generative AI for Beginners, the ultimate course designed for those eager to dive into the world of Generative AI (GenAI) and harness its transformative power. This comprehensive course is carefully curated to provide a blend of fundamental concepts, industry applications, and hands-on learning, making it ideal for aspiring AI enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone curious about this cutting-edge technology. And to make it even better, we are here to help you on this learning journey with lifetime query support, so you can always get answers to any of your doubts.

Why Learning Generative AI is Important:

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  1. Career Advancement: Generative AI skills are increasingly in demand across various industries. Mastering Generative AI can open doors to new career opportunities and advancements in tech, marketing, retail, and more.
  2. Innovation at Your Fingertips: Understanding Generative AI empowers you to create innovative solutions, from chatbots to personalized customer experiences, driving efficiency and creativity in your projects or workplace.
  3. Stay Ahead in a Tech-Driven World: As AI continues to shape our future, possessing knowledge in Generative AI ensures you stay ahead of the curve, understanding and leveraging the latest advancements.
  4. Solve Complex Problems: Generative AI offers unique approaches to problem-solving, enabling you to tackle complex challenges with AI-driven solutions, enhancing both personal and professional growth.

Why Choose This Course?

  • Tailored for Beginners: Whether you’re new to AI or looking to expand your knowledge, this course breaks down complex topics into understandable segments, ensuring a solid foundation in Generative AI.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Move beyond theory with practical exercises, including building your own Generative AI chatbot, getting real-world skills and experience.
  • Industry-Relevant Content: Learn how Generative AI is transforming various industries, from software development to retail, with current, real-world use cases.
  • Instructor Guidance: The instructor has deep knowledge and experience in AI and Generative AI, offering insights and guidance throughout the course.
  • Ethical and Future-Focused: Explore the ethical considerations of AI and foresee future trends, preparing you to make responsible and forward-thinking decisions.
  • Lifetime Query Support: Ask any question, any time, and get a response within 48 hours


Introduction to the Course

Overview of course content
Quick points about this learning journey

Understanding Generative AI

Generative AI – Introduction
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning
Generative AI – Recap
Explore ChatGPT: Features & Capabilities

Understanding key terminologies

LLM (Large Language Model)
Prompt Engineering
Fine Tuning
Recap – Summary View

GenAI Use Cases Across Industries

Software Development

Building our Own GenAI Chatbot

Important information for next videos
Setting up the environment & keys
Creating chatbot (Part 1)
Creating chatbot (Part 2)
Creating chatbot (Part 3)

Ethical Considerations and Future Trends

Responsible AI
Future Potential & will GenAI take over human jobs?

Conclusion and Next Steps

Conclusion and Next Steps
Bonus Section