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Google My Business SEO: Fast Google Maps Ranking
Step-By-Step | Easy Listing Setup | Essential Google Ranking Tips

What you will learn

How to add your business to Google My Business (Google Maps), step-by-step

How to optimize your listing so that your business shows up higher on Google maps search results

Some advanced marketing tricks your competition is likely not using:)

How to take advantage of Google My Business features that will help to attract, engage and convert your ideal customers!

Bonus tips on how to rank even higher and attract potential customers to you

This course includes: full lifetime access & certificate of completion


Top ranking Google My Business Course! Updated for 2023!

This is the exact method I use to get my clients to rank high on local Google search results. You can get the same top results for yourself!

Have you been wondering how to get traffic off of Google? Have you taken advantage of the power of Local SEO? Are you lost about how to talk about your business so people find it online and want to purchase from you? With just a little bit of effort, you can quickly rank your business high on Google local search and Google Maps results and get new viewers to take action!

The most important place to get started is by adding and optimizing your information on Google My Business (GMB), which is now called Google Business Profile (GBP). They are basically the same thing, and are your profile listings for Google Maps.

I’ve also added my exclusive 9-step formula for creating a high converting Google business description, a detailed walkthrough to ensure you know exactly what main and other Google Maps’ categories to be listed on, and some expert copywriting and marketing technique tips that will help you attract customers and make sales.


I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up, optimize and maximize your Google My Business page/Google Maps listing.

I’ll show you the most critical steps so that in under 3 hours, you are setup and know what steps you need to take to move your business higher in Google Maps search results.

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Expert Tips

As an SEO expert and marketer with over 25 years of experience, I don’t hold back and reveal Google My Business and other marketing strategies you simply won’t find in other Google Maps courses.  I also go into detail and concentrate the most on the factors that will have the BIGGEST impact on your Google My Business Listing.

Google considers many factors when ranking your business in local search: how well your business matches the search query, how close the user is to your business (called “proximity) and something called “prominence” which is essentially how popular Google thinks your business is. So things like your categories, areas you mention you service, other people online mentioning or linking to you, your reviews, questions asked relating to your category or services, citations and links etc., are all going to count. We will cover some of these in more detail throughout the course.

Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner. This course offers very easy to follow steps. You’ll have your Google maps and business listing up and ranking well in no time.

If you want a course that’s easy to follow, with strategies you can do yourself, this course was made just for you. Get started today?


This course offers essential local SEO ranking and SEO optimization training with proven techniques to ranking higher, quickly, online. I have also had students use this knowledge to create a business solution they went on to sell to other businesses:)



Why You Want To Be On Google My Business

What is the Google 3 Pack?

Getting Started – The Essentials

Creating Your Google My Business Account
Let’s Discover Your Keywords!
Google My Business Back End

Adding Some Power Boost Techniques!

Creating Posts in Google My Business
Let’s Get Some Reviews!

Bonus Tips That Will Rank You Higher!

3 Bonus Tips Coming Your Way!
Bonus Lesson For Singers & Other Artists

Farewell & Success Wishes!

You’ve Made It!