Unlock Your True Potential! Personal development

What you will learn

Have an understanding of Clair Senses

Have an understanding of spiritual protection and grounding

Have an understanding of Chakras

Have an understanding of Meditation


This course was created to unlock your true potential and guide you down your own spiritual pathway. Gain a basic understanding of your awakening and tools to assist you on a daily basis.

  • 01 – Module 1 – Our Belief system.
  • 02 – Module 2 – Clair Senses
  • 03 – Module 3 – Protection
  • 04 – Module 4 – Grounding
  • 05 – Module 5 – Chakras
  • 06 – Module 6 – Meditation

Designed to spark your intuition and psychic abilities. To help you come to a place in your life through these starter modules where you will gain a tremendous amount of trust, knowledge, and confidence in yourself to move forward in your everyday life. Where, then, do we start?

We all have probably heard of hunches, premonitions, inspiration, luck, healing, Deja-vu, Precognition, out of body experiences, near death experiences and all these other unusual events happening too often to be ignored or forgotten. Can we argue over whether it is God, The Universe, Ultimate Reality, He/she/it, Earth Mother, Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, Gaia, Manitou, The Great White Spirit. It can be any name you like. But it can also be a minefield that falls over every personal belief and the meaning of words. The words may mean very different things to different people.

The question is what is intention?

Intention is the process of clearly and specifically communicating what you want to the universe (or your preferred deities, spirits, etc.). This is the backbone of spells and rituals because if you have the wrong intention, or an unclear one, it’s likely you won’t get the results you want.

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The truth is that if we can’t find happiness and be grateful in the small things in life, chances are we won’t find it in the larger things either.

Gratitude is simply being aware of what you have and what is going well in your experience. When you’re in a state of gratitude, you focus on loving what you have which attracts more things to love. Like attracts like.

Practicing gratitude enables us to focus on the things that are going well in our lives rather than what’s gone wrong. And, according to the law of attraction, what we give our attention to is first in line to make itself real in your life.

The Law of Attraction says that you attract more of what you focus on. By giving praise, appreciation, and thanks, we increase the energy that gives life to more positive experiences. Appreciation is the highest vibration, so think and feel emotions of gratitude, every day.

The more consistently you stay in gratitude and focused on that which is good, the stronger your connection to Source Energy [God, the universe, etc. is, and the more quickly and effortlessly you’ll be able to manifest that which is unseen into your reality.



Foundations of Spiritual development – Unlocking your true potential

Start up

01 – Module 1 – Our Belief system

Module 1 – Our Belief system.

02 – Module 2 – Clair Senses

02 – Module 2 – Clair Senses

03 – Module 3 – Protection

03 – Module 3 – Protection

04 – Module 4 – Grounding

04 – Module 4 – Grounding

05 – Module 5 – Chakras

05 – Module 5 – Chakras

06 – Module 6 – Meditation

06 – Module 6 – Meditation