Short 1-2min content with quickdraw illustrations from two top creatives

What you will learn

Creatives looking for a boost, Non-creatives looking for new skills

23 tips in short-form content, less than 2 mins each

Live illustrated sessions to deepen learning, great for visual learners

Build creative habits with two expert creatives with big brand experience

From student to graduate to account manager to company director – creativity will boost your career

Instantly learn new creative habits that will stay with you for life


Si from Future Skills Club and Rikki the quickdraw illustrator discuss and illustrate 23 top tips to boost your creativity.

These short 1-2 minute videos explore creative habits, effective methods and some insightful snippets from their experience in the creative industry.

You might be surprised that we will encourage you to:

  • Steal, make something fresh
  • Fight the system
  • Don’t fit-in, be different
  • Get angry
  • Not follow cooking recipes
  • Be weird
  • Be critical
  • Go down side alleys off the beaten track

You will need to get a notebook, look-up, play with Lego, become a culture vulture, look for problems and flaws.

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We will teach you little systems such as

  • 5 words
  • Three i’s

You can enjoy this content on-the-go and put into practice straight away to boost your creativity and problem solving skills. You will be able to Bash the Brief of a live project at work using our deconstruct and reconstruct tips.

Try the same tip with a friend or colleague to see how different the process and results are. You be surprised how powerful collaboration in creative thinking and problem solving is. Remember no idea is a bad idea and failure is good – they lead to better solutions.

Si and Rikki





23 Brain Boosting tips for creativity

01 – Steal
02 – Take note
03 – Fight the system
04 – Remix
05 – Five Words
06 – Don’t fit-in
07 – Cook
08 – Known
09 – Be Weird
10 – Get Angry
11 – Be Critical
12 – Bash the Brief
13 – Look UP
14 – Growth Mentality
15 – Lego
16 – Alt Indie
17 – What on earth is the three i’s
18 – Culture Vulture
19 – Trend Spotting
20 – Deconstruct / Reconstruct
21 – Look for Problems
22 – Flaws
23 – Listen up