New way of harnessing solar energy

What you will learn


Floating solar photovoltaics


This course shall give foothold to Floatovoltaics, floating solar energy technologies & systems through interactive learning & virtual power plant tour for in-depth practical understanding along with additional course material.

Floatovoltaics or Floating solar is a fast growing PV market & technology segment with a Terawatt-scale potential globally.

Several commercial projects in last few years have established that this technology is economically and technically viable. It promises several attractive benefits, such as improved energy yield and reduced land use in highly populated areas, where land is scarce and/or precious.

This is next level of solar photovoltaics and is a true multidisciplinary subject, involving several branches of Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Civil etc, which makes thisΒ  learning very important.

Being new, lot of new learnings are coming up and opening up new vistas in this segment.

This course is especially made to impart knowledge on Floatovoltaics, its components and opportunities.

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The challenges associated with this technology are greatly explained which shall give insights on the opportunities in this field.

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It is the smartest choice for all the working & non-working professionals, DIY, knowledge seekers, students training requirements. This extensive solar photovoltaic training courses is:

  • 100% focused on specialized solar photovoltaic industry.
  • Guided by industry professionals with in-depth knowledge renewable energy & energy storage.
  • Highly interactive program, including virtual solar power plant tours.
  • Training by self-developed & extensively researched industry veteran.
  • Skill development techniques with comprehensive set of documentation, practical skills and tools used in the Industry.
  • Perfect opportunity to develop network and experiences with knowledge sharing.
  • Designed for both Fresher and working professionals to attain knowledge & growth in solar photovoltaic industry.
  • Interactive, interesting and engaging training sessions.
  • Access to several reference books and research materials for further skill enhancement.

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Benefits & advantages
Technology features
History & Development

Concept of Floatovoltaics

Theory of Floatovoltaics
Concept of Floatovoltaics
Why Floatovoltaics
Functioning of Floatovoltaics

Components of Floatovoltaics

Cables & wires
Mooring system
PV system
Floating system

Challenges with Floatovoltaics

Challenges with Floatovoltaics
SWOT analysis

Virtual Tour of Floatovoltaics

Virtual Tour of Floatovoltaics