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Learn to improve energy performance of HVAC systems, Enhance HVAC plant efficiency & Develop energy saving strategies.

What you will learn

Energy conservation measures in HVAC systems

Energy optimization techniques in HVAC systems

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Improving energy efficiency of HVAC systems

Reducing the energy consumption of HVAC systems


Energy-efficient measures help to save energy and thus, cut down the operating costs. This course aims at assessing the energy consumption of an HVAC system in a building and create an action plan on how to reduce energy consumption to accomplish financial savings. Given the amount of energy HVAC systems use, improvements in equipment efficiency equate to significant reductions in building operating costs. This course looks at why it is important for buildings to use energy efficiently, and how the heating & cooling systems can have a considerable impact on the building’s energy use.  This course introduces the students to the whole subject of energy efficiency and management in HVAC systems as it covers energy efficient technologies, design & maintenance implications and passive strategies to control the use of energy. Those students who enroll to this course will get an introduction to capital & running costs that need to be considered when assessing the applicability of incorporating HVAC systems into new & existing buildings.  It provide learners with strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy performance.  The reduction in energy consumption achieved by installing higher-efficiency systems comes with increased installation costs, therefore, there is a delicate balance between these two influences. This course throws light on those delicate areas through which energy savings could be accomplished. It contains 12 lectures each consisting worth of content with quizzes to test your knowledge, and additional resources that can be accessed at any time. Once completed you will receive a certificate of completion, if you enroll to the paid version of this course.



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