Discover how mind mapping can bring creative order to chaotic thoughts with the BulletMap Method!

What you will learn

Discover why dyslexia assessments recommend mind mapping for students

Understand the struggles of dyslexia and use them to your advantage

How a student can use a mind mapping system in an actual exam to get better grades.

Learn how mind mapping differs from other study techniques

How Mindmapping is more effective than spider diagrams or bubble maps.

A way to explain to your creative child why things get muddled so easily in their head.

Understand how dyslexia trips children up in unexpected ways in High School

Know some of the advantages of Dyslexia.

Know the 5 core principles of Mind Mapping.

Seen a BulletMap™ being demonstrated live to capture a parents QnA

Show your child how keywords are so useful.

How finding keywords is a process and not just done in one go.



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Course Overview
People Behind MindMap Studio: Who is Darius?
People Behind MindMap Studio: Who is Jo?
Your “Why”

Introduction to Mind Mapping and Dyslexia

Misconceptions About Mind Mapping
A Parent’s Testimonial
A Day in the Life of A Teenager with Dyslexia
Advantages of Dyslexia

How To Mind Map

Your Zero Gravity Workshop
Mind Mapping is Like A Headphone Trick
How To Mind Map
Q&A: Basics of Mind Mapping
Getting In-Depth with Keywords

Final Thoughts

The BIG Question
A Student’s Testimonial
Mind Mapping Courses