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A guide for parents, caretakers, organizations and everyone on the potentials of the Special Needs people

What you will learn

This Course gives an introduction on the prospects of Special Needs People and the importance to focus on their hidden talents

A guide to parents to see the potential of these people. This will ensure that they will be able to self-sustain upon acquiring the skills of this new era.

Technology suits very well for these Speciall Needs people. It will be a waste if we do not take full advantage of this opportunity

These days everyone are moving towards working from home (a blessing in disguise) due to the Covid-19. Working from home indeed suit very well for these people


This is an intro to parents, caregivers, organizations and everyone out there.

We endeavor to ensure that parent and caregivers have the Hope that this current digitalisation era is fully beneficial to the Special Needs people.

Understand and focus on the strengths of these people and not their disabilities.

This Digital Tech training course is part of a series of various other classes made Specifically for Special Needs People.

The Special Needs people are mainly those who are Autistic, Dyslexic, having Down Syndrome, Asperger’s, Cerebral Palsy and various others.

The Special Needs people are known to have exceptional talents, which only need to be uncovered. However, once their hidden talents are tapped, they are capable of producing wonders.

Unfortunately, they are rarely given fair chances i.e. be it in schools, community or work place due to their ‘perceived’ limitations and inabilities. The Covid-19 situation has further narrowed their options to earn a living since there are more people now seeking jobs and alternative opportunities to earn a living.

Our main motive is to train them to enable to be self-sustainable and not to be dependent on any donations on handouts from anyone.

We have had a wonderful journey in training these special needs people throughout these years. It has been wonderful to see our students growing from Zero to Heroes.





Importance of Creating Interest in Digital Tech Skills for Special Needs People

Introduction to Special Needs People

Empowering the Special Needs people to Earn a Living

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How are we going to Empower them with Digital Skills

What are the suitable Digital Programs

Multimedia Graphic Design

Animation Making

3D Design & 3D Printing

Coding and App Development

Digital Music Creation

Video Editing Skills

Creating and Designing Websites

2D Game App Development and Various Others


Which Digital Programs are Suitable for your child

The Goal is to get the BEST out of them

Know more

Abilities sample

About their abilities