Learn DevOps essentials – Everything you need to know to start with DevOps

What you will learn

Explain the key principles, and concepts of DevOps, including The Three Ways

15 DevOps practices related to culture, processes, and automation

Describe how DevOps practices transform processes with Lean, Agile, and ITSM

How to break silo between Development and Operations


If you are new to DevOps, this course will give you the basic information about DevOps, including key concepts and the terminologies.

This course covers the DevOps Full Stack: People and Culture, Processes and Practices, Technology and Automation.

People and Culture:

You will be able to summarize the cultural, structural, and technological barriers that IT faces, when attempting to deliver services at the right quality, speed, and cost, and why challenges are faced when implementing DevOps in today’s organizations.

Processes and Practices:

We will also discuss 15 very specific practices, related to culture, processes, and automation that are must-haves for effective delivery of DevOps.

You will also be able to describe how DevOps practices transform processes, utilizing Lean, Agile, and ITSM accelerators to solve the process design problems facing IT.

Technology and Automation:

You will understand the benefits of automation and the tools for a DevOps toolchain. You will learn about Continuous Integration, Automated Build, Automated Testing, Automated Provisioning, Automated Deployment, cloud technology and virtualization, and architecting for Continuous Delivery.

This course will tell you about silo mentality and consequences. And how to break the Wall of Confusion, in which Development and Operations don’t understand each other.

You will learn why Development and Operations need to share priorities and goals to help break down the silos that are currently a problem for IT. There is also a need for sharing processes and knowledge to achieve flow as emphasised in the First Way and for sharing feedback as emphasised in the Second Way. Most importantly, Development and Operations ultimately need to understand that they have always shared successes and failures.

This course will give you everything you need to know to start with DevOps.




Introduction to DevOps

Introduction to DevOps

What is Devops

Business Value

External Drivers of Change

Silo Mentality

Local Optimization and Bureaucracy

Big Shift

DevOps to Find the Balance

Quiz 1

Key Principles and Concepts of DevOps


The First Way: Flow

The Second Way: Feedback

The Third Way: Continual Experimentation

Continous Delivery Across the Deployment Pipeline

The Full Stack

Quiz 2

People and Culture

Module Structure

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Sharing and Experimentation



Organizational Structures

The Evolution of Teams

Quiz 3

Processes and Practices

Module Structure

IT Service Management practices

Lean practices

Agile practices

DevOps 15 Practices

Voice of the Customer

Business Relationship Management

Lean Process Optimization

Value Stream Mapping

Knowledge Management

Visual Management

Agile Scrum

Shift Left

Change Management

Configuration Management

Release and Deployment Management

Incident Management

Problem Management and Kaizen

Continual Service Improvement


Module Summary

Quiz 4

Technology and Automation

Course Structure

Development Pipeline

Cloud Technology

Architecting for Continous Delivery

Quiz 5