8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS!

What you will learn

Develop Different Types of Innovation

Understand the Biblical Innovation Model

Be more prepared and in less time than studying on your own

Measure what works and refine your approach as you go

Identify new opportunities, and Always thinking ahead.

Be adaptable, and Reduce your risks

You’ll learn new strategies and best practices to make your business more profitable


8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS!

If you are a new business owner struggling to grow your business or even if you have been an entrepreneur for a while with little success, the tips in this course will provide you with some clarity, and give you an idea of what you can do to turn things around in your business.

The principles discussed in this course are time-tested and right every time, as expected from a perspective that launches God’s truth into the business world. This course is a great resource to lead discussions on how God’s truth can increase business leaders’ and executives’ by framing the fundamental business disciplines in God’s Word and design.

Well Done! Although the phrase “Well Done” has a noble connotation to it, many business leaders, have difficulty describing and defining what those words look like in the life of a business led by a person of faith. In this course, Michael describes 8-Things you need to know that can help any leader who desires to grow their business and its Kingdom impact.

These principles help to create a strategic roadmap for leaders to hear the words “Well Done” at the end of their journey. Every leader deserves to hear the words Well Done. Life is too short, and business is too difficult to work throughout life and miss what matters most.

8-Things you need to know to GROW your BUSINESS challenges the Christian CEO to shift from an owner to steward mindset; recognizing that the business belongs to God and that their mission must align with His mission. Michael provides eight biblical principles that every Christian leader should adopt within their organization if they want to have a real kingdom impact. Each video and chapter present a single principle supported with scriptural references and real-world examples.

Are you a Christian businessman or woman? What are your biggest business challenges?




Introduction Videos

Introduction to the Course

Do you have a Foundation for your Business?

Module 1: The Beginning of your Growth!

How to Implement a New Strategy

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Bridgeton prison inmates hear: ‘Go anywhere but backward!’

Module 2: What Is the Purpose of your Business?

Do you have a Foundation for your Business Part #2

A Purpose will keep you FOCUSED

Module 3: Letting Go: The Power in Surrender

Do you have a Foundation for your Business Part 3?

Surrender | A Better Way to Build a Business

Module 4: Insight into Strategic Foresight: A Biblical Perspective

Do you have a Foundation for your Business Part 4?

Visualization Techniques That Actually Work For Business

Module 5: How to Build the Endurance you Need


How To Remain Motivated Amidst Life’s Challenges?

Module 6: Sometimes, the smallest Adjustments can show Major results.

Make the “Minor Adjustments” that are necessary

Module 7: Being Humble Is Critical To Growing Your Business

Why Humility Plays an Important Role

Module 8: The Secret to Success and Victorious Living

Entrepreneurs Who Live a Successful Life