Doesn’t know how Canva works? I will guide you step-by-step.

What you will learn

Understand the interface features of the program

Learn how to take the best advantage of its tools

Quickly create social media single-image posts

Get a basic understanding of the program and how it works


Have you ever started a new skill and panicked, as you realized you are completely lost?

We’ve all been there, and technology can be really overwhelming to be learned. I like to think of it as a language, because it has its own shapes and buttons, all with different meanings and leading to different actions.

On this course, you will understand how Canva’s interface works (its own language) so you can easily navigate it.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: If you already know how to use Canva or any other design tool, I DON’T recommend this course to you. It was created for true beginners, without any previous experience on design or photo editing tools.

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Stick to this course to learn:

  • What Canva can do;
  • If it’s the right tool for you;
  • How to navigate and use it;
  • Its main pillars: canvases, elements and frames.

This course will consist of an example: a fictional Mother’s Day post for social media. On this example, I will explain everything and demonstrate it as I go. You can create your own example after the videos or by going back and follow it step-by-step.

If you have any suggestions to improve this course or want a new course with different topics, please leave a review and your suggestions.






What is a canva? How can I edit it?
All about elements
More Elements
Frames, frames, frames.