Depreciation Accounting
For IGCSE/ O level, A level, AAT level 2 & 3, ACCA, CAT, FIA and university 1st year students

What you will learn

What is depreciation

Straight line method of depreciation

Reducing balance / Diminishing balance method

Units basis

Question practice

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  • What is depreciation
  • Straight line method of depreciation
  • Diminishing/ Reducing balance method
  • Units of production method
  • Assets acquired partway through
  • Accounting for depreciation
  • Test your learning
  • Bonus video

Financial accounting playlist

This course enables to understand basic concept of Depreciation on Fixed assets. It covers the various methods of calculating depreciation – Straight Line Method (SLM), Reducing Balance Method (RBM)/ Written Down Value Method (WDV), Sum of Years Digit Method and Annuity Method and corresponding accounting treatment i.e Passing of Journal Entries and Posting of Journal Entries in respective Ledger accounts.



Your online classroom

What is depreciation
Straight line method
Reducing balance/ Diminishing method
Units of production method
Assets bought part way through
Depreciation accounting
Test your learning

Playlist of 50 videos

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