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Database meaning, Database Types, Evolution of Databases, Data vs. Information

What you will learn

What is the difference between Data and Information?

What is the meaning of database?

What are some common types of databases?

Whether a Company sticks to one type of database?


1. What is meant by Data?

2. What is the meaning of information?

3. What are the various differences between data and information?

4. Which is used in decision making: Data or Information?

5. Whether database is an essential component of information management?

6. What is meant by database?

7. How can we add new data to database, modify existing information or retrieve specific pieces of data based on our needs?

8. Do you agree with the statement that since the 1960s, there have been significant advancements in the design, functionality and use of databases?

9. What are some common database types?

10. How do relational databases organize data?

11. Which language is most commonly used to interact with relational database?

12. For which type of data, NoSQL databases are suitable?

13. How do object oriented databases store data?

14. How do graph databases differ from traditional relational databases?

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15. What are time-series databases?

16. What is meant by time series data?

17. What are NewSQL databases?

18. What is meant by scaling a database?

19. What is vertical scaling?

20. What is horizontal scaling?

21. Where do In-memory databases store data?

22. Whether a Company sticks to one type of database?

23. What are the various factors which a company may consider while choosing a database?

24. How the users can access the database from anywhere?

25. Does the database keep the separate copies of a particular data file?

26. What role does a DBMS play in the relationship between a user and a centralized database?

27. Do you agree with the statement that there is a suitable database type for every situation?





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