Connect to the Angelic Relams with the Vibration and beauty of Crystals

What you will learn

Angels & Energy

Crystal for connecting to Angels

Crystals for Angelic Protection

Crystals for Angelic Healing

Crystal Combos for Archangel Invocation

3 Key Crystal Grid layouts

Why take this course?

Course Outline

Part 1: Introduction to Angelic Realms

1 Meet the instructor

2 Angel Awakening and discussing the awe and wonder of the powerful light beings of the universe

3 Understanding how Angels Manifest in the 3rd Dimensional plane

4 Guided Angel Awakening Activation with Amethyst

Part 2: Angels Connections

1 Lightwork & Reiki

2 Chakras

3 Numbers, Signs & Symbols

4 Flowers & Essential oils

5 Crystals and Angelic energy association

Part 3: Crystals for Angelic Protection

1 Clearing and charging Crystals

2 Types of Angelic Protection

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3 Energetic Prtection for individual vs a space

4 The Best Crystal to work With

5 Angelic Crystal Protection for Children

Part 4: Crystals for Angelic Healing

1. The Best Angelic Helaing Crystals to work with

2. Angel Healing Crystal for the Chakras

Part 5: Archangel Crystals

1 Crystal Frequencies of the Archangels via Chakras/Holy Days/Title

2 Crystal Paring combos of the Archangels

Part 6: Angelic Crystal Grids

1 Creating 3 Grids to Connect to Angel energies

1 Guardian angle vibrations

2 Clearing and Protecting of a space with Angelic intention

3 Archangel Gate Grid

Part 7: Conclusion