Study Abroad Masterclass- Learn, Earn, Travel (Part I)
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What you will learn

Bachelor’s & Masters degree students

Gap Year Students

Young Professionals

Aspiring Travelers

(Part-time/Full-time) Working Professionals Returning Back To School


Are you dreaming of studying abroad and exploring the world? As a young traveler, one of the key benefits of studying abroad is that it offers you a starting point ‘taster’ to actually living abroad in a foreign country. If you’re pursuing university, and considering becoming an overseas expat, digital nomad, or traveling professional, then start here. Join my online Study Abroad Masterclass (Part I)Β and discover how you can make your dreams a reality, diving more into these details (Part II).

Agenda Topics:

1 . Where To Travel To: Best Countries & Cities

2 . Study Abroad Opportunities- Masters & Bachelor Program Students

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3 . Study Abroad Travel Finances- Earning and Funding Your Study Abroad Trip

4 . Careers Across Seas- Translating Your Travel Skills To an International Career

5 . More!! ( stick around until the end!)

Follow me live and get your questions answered on:

  1. “What are the best countries for studying abroad?”
  2. “How do I choose the right university for my study abroad program?”
  3. “What are the requirements for studying abroad as a bachelor’s/master’s student?”
  4. “How can I apply for scholarships to study abroad?”
  5. “What is the cost of living in different countries for international students?”
  6. “Can I work part-time while studying abroad as a master’s/bachelor’s student?”
  7. “What are the top-ranked universities for my preferred field of study?”
  8. “Is it better to study abroad for my bachelor’s degree or master’s degree?”
  9. “What are the visa requirements for international students studying abroad?”
  10. “How do I prepare financially for the trip?”
  11. “What are the cultural challenges I might face while studying abroad?”



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