best practice for CompTIA Linux+ to get official certificate from Comptia with high score

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Linux+ Benefit #1:  The CompTIA Linux+ Proves You Understand Linux.

One of the largest benefits of taking the Linux+ Certification is that it is proof to potential employers that you are familiar with the foundational knowledge of Linux and have mastery over the basic commands and concepts of the operating system. This is an important point and by itself makes the CompTIA Linux+ worthy of your consideration, especially if you do not have any other certifications that relate to Linux.  My point is that having the CompTIA Linux+ certification is a quick way to show employers that you have Linux knowledge, and would probably help you get your foot in the door for Linux-related job opportunities, especially if you’re at a junior level.

Linux+ Benefit #2:  CompTIA’s Reputation Supports the Linux+.

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Another benefit of the Linux+ is CompTIA’s long-standing reputation. The whole reason for taking a certification is for you to pay a reputable organization to test your skills and determine whether you are knowledgeable enough on the subject matter to be certified on its contents and to be worthy of the company to stake their name on the line to declare that you are competent in the field that was tested. This is also why in the terms of the issuing of certifications, you will often read a line that states that the issuing organization can revoke your ownership of their certification at any time if they deem it appropriate.

This is so if they believe an individual is no longer worthy of having their organization’s name backing an individual (or they later find that you’ve cheated in some way), they can cut their association with you or anybody else they decide is unfit to hold their stamp of approval.  So, when you walk into an interview with the Linux+ certification in hand, you are showing an employer a certification that says CompTIA vouches for your knowledgeability on the Linux operating system and is willing to put their name on the line to vouch for your expertise.